Why Professional Psychics Charge

I have heard and read comments from Psychics, Clairvoyants, Tarot Readers, Mediums and others in the Spiritual and Healing field of being criticised when charging for their services as there is a perception among some people that they have a gift that should be given or shared to others for Free. Some others feel it is not really “work” so how dare they charge and the cynics or critics have a field day of our “Guesswork.”

Of course we have wonderful clients who love us, credit us for changing their lives, easing their pain, helping them make decisions, really listening to them.

So here are my Reasons why I charge and hopefully speak for other professionals like me.

TIME: We are using our time to service your needs. Why should we be any different to anyone else in the Service Industry?

TALENT: The information you get from a good psychic (etc) is invaluable as we can offer you hope, clarity, direction, validation, discretion and solid advice emotionally, spiritually and materially. This in itself makes what we do priceless.

CAREER CHOICE: People earn their living in a variety of ways to pay their bills and support themselves. This is our choice and most of us love what we do. We invest in ourselves through attending courses, classes and workshops, use educational tools like Videos, cds, books and we seek to continually hone our skills so we can be of better service to our clients.

WORKING FROM ENERGY: Many psychics use a lot of energy as we usually consult with emotionally distraught clients who come with worries and anxieties and this can draw on a psychic’s energy and well-being. Hence the energy we expand in our work restricts us from working continuously and that factors in the Time segment.

CLIENT’S CHOICE: You go to a psychic of your own free will. If you do not want to be disappointed, do your own research. Ask your friends if they know of a good psychic, check out Psychics’ websites for their credentials, testimonials and referrals. Go to Psychic Fairs, meditation groups or even local markets where costs are minimal and you can “test” a reader.

Q’s TO ASK: Feel free to ask the Psychic what their credentials are, their experience, their websites.

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