Why Pick a Psychic like Jeanette?

Are you trying to make up your mind on which Psychic you want to see?

Are you just curious or want to know how a Psychic Intuitive like me can help YOU.

Often, when you are stressed, frustrated, confused, stuck in a situation, feeling stagnant, wanting to make huge life changes in career, relationships, investments, family issues or travel etc, someone like me has proven to be invaluable  with practical and psychic advice, reassurance, clarity as well as being an unbiased listener.

Being a professional accredited Psychic Intuitive for more than 50+ years of people experience has given me great insight and empathy to deal with practically any life situation and my clients soon relax in a consult with me and are able to confide their deepest secrets and fears knowing that it stays in my environment.

New clients often ask how I “do” a Reading and until you turn up, I am not quite sure how I proceed as I have to intuit into your needs as every reading is individually based.  However, this will give you an idea of how I work.

During a consultation, I intuitively tap into my clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills to scan your aura and do a Numerology Blueprint analysis of your life based on your Birth Date.  This gives me excellent information on where you are at in Life, and what you are dealing with, both positively and negatively.

If there is a need, I have a host of Oracle cards and crystals that I can rely on to give me further insight.  As always, my guide works closely with me and often connects with your angel or guide to give me added information.

So be assured that I care deeply about helping you.  You can check out the testimonial page to read what my lovely clients have to say about me here.