What Your First Name Means

What Your First Name Means

What Your First Name MeansEach letter in your name represents your characteristics but the location of the letters can determine their impact.

For instance, the first letter of your name is called the Cornerstone. It gives you an indication of your character, particularly in the way you approach opportunities and obstacles. The last letter of your first name is called the Capstone. It reveals your ability and attitude towards finishing projects that you start. The first vowel of your first name reveals much of your deeper self and is seen as the little window through which you allow others a glimpse at your deeper self.

A You are Independent and ambitious and possess great drive. A forward thinker, what you say is what you mean and what you see is what you get. You are not particularly romantic, have little patience for flirting and dislike being coy, cute, demure or alluring, but are interested in the pursuit of romance. When it comes to sex, it’s the action that counts, not obscure hints.

You are an upfront person, passionate and protective, cautious yet curious, direct and opinionated and like to take charge. You have strong willpower, are resourceful, purposeful, bold and stubborn. You mean business yet you are actually more adventurous then how you present your self.

You are likely to travel, expand your horizons and seek adventure. You must work on becoming more flexible and more willing to listen to others.

B You are sensitive, peaceful and emotional, sensual and a little shy. You are friendly, understanding and a good listener. Balance and harmony are very important to you so a supportive partner and good friends are essential to you. You are a lover of good food and wine and enjoy being romanced, wined and dined.

You are loyal and firm in your beliefs and often cling to ideas and attitudes long after they have outlived their usefulness. You could also be a sucker for a sob story. You are very private and so can sometimes come across as too reserved or even unfriendly.

As you dislike conflict. you could put up with unnecessary stress and tension caused by others and even become a doormat, allowing some people to walk over you.

You must work on becoming your own person, being more flexible about your thoughts and beliefs and more willing to follow your own instincts.

C You are creative, ambitious, straightforward, humorous and can be quite a flirt. Also proud, independent, extroverted with a strong sense of adventure and good self-expression.

You can be inspiring, cheerful, spontaneous, light-hearted and optimistic. You are a very social individual and are very appreciative of a good relationship and good friends as you require closeness and togetherness.. You long for a partner who will love and adore you and are not prepared to settle for just anybody. You can go for long periods without sexual activity.

You are interested in either religion or spiritual knowledge and will pursue these areas more actively at some stage in your life.

You are an expert at controlling your desires and doing without even when not necessary. Learn to be more impulsive, follow your instincts and develop more resources as you are very creative but often do not indulge in this activity until later in life.

As you can be scattered in what you want to achieve, you can lack focus and stay in the same environment for a long time so learn to think outside “the box” and expand your horizons.

D You are rebellious, nonconformist, highly sexed, but down-to-earth, practical, efficient, orderly and systematic. You are also shrewd, determined, decisive and can overcome many difficulties or lead a difficult life.

You will either travel or move around a lot (in terms of living or career) and need to pay special attention to your love life. You could tend to be rather irresponsible in that regard.

You are a good listener and can be nurturing and caring and When you get something you are determined to do, you can move full steam ahead in pursuit and do not give up easily.

You are highly sexual, passionate, loyal and intense in a relationship but watch for the tendency to be possessive and jealous. You are stimulated by the strange and unusual, attracted to weird occurrences and people who are “different”

E You are a good communicator, a natural leader and can be passionate about things you believe in and care about. You can look at things from different angles and perspectives so that makes you very adaptable and capable of original thinking.

You like your freedom to be able to do what you like, are versatile, sociable and have a wide interest in many topics. You can be easily attracted to religion, philosophy and new knowledge.

Your greatest need is to talk so you relate well to people who like to listen. You love to be intellectually stimulated but also love to flirt and can be loyal once you give your heart away. If there is no one, you love a good book.

Money means a lot to you as you are mage conscious so you can tend to place emphasis on that pursuit.. Although you enjoy a good argument, you dislike disharmony and disruption in general and could cave in to others for the sake of peace.

F You are responsible, loving, friendly, hospitable and self-sacrificing. You possess a warm heart and are very compassionate and sympathetic as you often feel the pain of others and many people could depend on you.
You have a wide interest in different things which is to your advantage so grab chances to further your education whether it be for career or personal advancement.
You are helpful so must be careful not to interfere in the life of others. You could easily get involved in complicated love affairs. You can be conservative and mature yet misunderstood even though you think you are acting out of everyone’s best interests. You never forget people who betray you. You have to guard against a tendency to indulge in melancholy and depression and feeling like a victim.

G You are a thinker, have strong will-power and determination and this vision and imagination could bring you wealth. You are methodical, disciplined and orderly but you can also act quickly when opportunities arise.

You are brave and decisive and prefer to do things by yourself. You could be very successful in your career and it could bring you recognition or awards, especially later in life.

A perfectionist who seeks responsibility yet, when it becomes too much, you walk out. You are a hard taskmaster and you expect others to live up to your standards.

H You are self-confident, creative, independent, original often rely on your own judgement. You will make and lose money easily so your finances are always on a roller-coaster, but you will probably do well financially in the long run.

The earlier you leave home, the stronger your ability for living independently. You will have promotions and several change of jobs. You will be easily hurt by love and become a loner so you need time in nature to discover your true self.

Your partner should be one who can enhance your reputation and earning ability and you will be very generous to your loved ones once you make a commitment. Prior to this though, you could tend to be frugal in your spending and cautious in your dating habits.

Skepticism and self-doubt are your greatest enemies. You are a very complex person and need to trust in your own abilities. You enjoy dressing up and displaying good detective talents. You can also be a little shy.

I You are emotional considerate, understanding, artistic, creative, have good taste and are a lover of life. You have frequent ups and downs in your life and a great need to be loved and appreciated.

You enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and this might cause you to look for lovers who will cater to your needs. Quite often you will do anything to please your partner. There could also be a tendency to exclude others from your life when you are in a current relationship.

If bored, you can be unbearable, intolerable and judgmental. You have trouble seeing other people’s point of view and can be sarcastic and self-righteousness.

J You are honest, loyal reliable, sincere, hardworking, have lots of stamina and enthusiasm and would like to improve and organize the lives of others. This may cause you to try too hard to please others.

You are an eloquent speaker, have a quick clever mind making you a talkative and mercurial person and always attempting more than one task at a time. You can be restless and unable to find out the reason for your insecurity.

You have to work at motivation so you can make use of your talents. You enjoy being independent and can possess great drive but can lack persistence and perseverance causing you to lose sight of your goals.

You could also have feelings of insecurity and in life, there could be a tendency to allow (or even blame) a partner for your inability to fulfil your dreams.

K You are loyal, emotional, romantic, passionate, caring and reliable. Intuition is one of your strong points as K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. You are creative and can be quite forceful so there could be quite a few ups and downs in your work and career causing your life to be quite uncertain.
Family worries and secrets are often with you and you might even have a secret yourself or have a life that you are not too keen on sharing the details with others. You are a private person, emotionally possessive and can be conservative or even a little old-fashioned.
Nervous tension, fear and hesitation are the negative aspects and you could be highly strung, causing you to be ultra-sensitive and critical or judgmental of others as you might feel every remark or action is directed to you.
Meditate more to create calmness and balance in your life.

L You are warm, generous, honest and sincere. You give easily, have a good-natured disposition and will help without hesitation. You will always have opportunities to travel or go on business and will often lead a busy life..

You could be well travelled or be always on the move and can be a gypsy at heart or a social butterfly. However, you could be very busy without accomplishing much, so it is important for you to maintain equilibrium in all aspects of your life otherwise you might end up living a very busy life without not much to show for it.

You love your independence and can be a loner or even a hermit (if allowed). You are easy to relate to. You need to pay more attention to your spouse and loved ones as their perception could be that you always seem to be coming and going.

You can tend to intellectualize your experiences which can result in being slow to react or to make decisions. There is also a tendency to be very sharp when you feel criticized or guilty or hurt.

M You are kind, optimistic, emotional, very sociable, willing to try anything and everything and do not tire easily. You could well become a workaholic as you are very efficient so organizing your schedule is very important or you could feel yourself being pulled into too many directions.

You adapt well to your environment, love your home and family, want financial security and are willing to work hard for your security and can endure many hardships. You throw your entire being into your partner’s welfare especially if your partner reciprocates your feelings.

Yet you crave personal freedom and need your own space. The mind intrigues you and you would make a good psychiatrist, politician or even a psychic. Spiritual activities are important to you. You will make a good Teacher as you also love logic and reason.

N You are intuitive, creative, original, unconventional and opinionated and will change your mind only after much discussion. You are also diligent and down to earth, do things as you wish and have a strong sense of responsibility while also being a romantic.
Coolness and quiet bring you inspiration so it is important for you to spend time alone or join in activities like yoga or meditation. You like to keep track of life by keeping a journal or a diary.

You need constant stimulation because you get bored quickly and can handle several relationships and friendships at the same time. You love your freedom and can be a flirt but once committed, you are very loyal and supportive of your partner.

In life you could achieve a lot but have to stay in track as being easily bored can throw you off course. You are never what you seem. You are multi-talented and your lifestyle can be envied by some.

O You are kind, sharp and direct in expressing your feelings and willpower, religious convictions and high moral standards are the basis of your initial O. You are patient and thorough when preparing for new ventures.

You respect rules and regulations. You are secretive yet shy about your activities but have the ability to channel your energies into making money and / or seeking power or into areas others don’t understand so you can seem like a puzzling person.

Sometimes your passionate nature can make you jealous or possessive as it can lead you to spells of brooding and imaginings. Keep yourself in check as some people might say you are sensitive while others may see you as obsessive.

You could easily have extended periods of celibacy. You can be seen as a unique person and obstinate as well so have more diversity and intensity to become the person you know you can be.

P You are easy going and a pacifier, intelligent and knowledgeable in many areas. You normally give an impressive and commanding first impression. You possess common sense and levelheadedness but you are frequently impatient and very conscious of social proprieties.

You are very sensual and sociable, enjoy flirting and could need a lot of physical gratification. You wouldn’t think of doing anything that might harm your image or reputation. You will have several chances of making money but can be too attached to possessions and might not be too generous of your time with others.

It is a challenging letter if P is dominant in your name and you could have at least one legal battle in your life. You could be very career orientated and very willing to experiment and try new ways of doing things.

Q You have self-esteem and good fortune, are talented and full of vitality. You can attract money but it can be erratic and unstable, causing you sudden losses. You will rise to a position of trust but you require constant activity and stimulation as you have tremendous energy are frequently impatient and easily bored. You have an Inquisitive and unusual personality and are not easily understood.

You may appear to be mysterious and can often be the victim of gossip. You are attracted to people &/or activities of various ethnic groups and love thinking outside the box. You are a romantic and need the hearts and flowers thing and lots of conversation to turn you on and keep you going. You are direct and outspoken with a talent for oration. Negative Q’s can become boring and compulsive talkers.

R You are gentle, kind, helpful, lively and a hard worker. You are also highly emotional and carry intense inner power so you must try to stay balanced and even-tempered, learn to be less critical and become more tolerant. You are passionate and loving and will experience many ups and downs in your personal life and within your career. You have a willingness to sacrifice time, energy and even money for a good cause. When someone makes you a promise, they had better keep it – or else.

You are a no-nonsense person, action-oriented individual, can be suspicious of others’ motives, care about how you look and like to be an independent thinker. You like to debate and do not suffer fools easily. You need people and partners around you who can keep pace with you intellectually. You can be full of pride however and can also be pompous.

S You are active, cheerful, charming and charismatic as well as warm and devoted. You can be idealistic and spiritual and often, subjects on theology spirituality and humanitarian studies fascinate you. You are often appreciated for your independent personality but can experience many ups and downs in life and as you can be intense, you often react impulsively so must take time to think and learn before making rash emotional decisions. You could have mood swings which could be a result of a sad or lonely childhood, making you self-contained, secretive or even a little shy.

You sometimes find one to one relationships hard to handle and need lots of people and variety in your life. Only in privacy with people you trust will you open up this part of itself and let people in. You take your love life seriously and have the patience to wait till the right person comes along. You have to learn to trust and be able to display your true self which you often keep hidden. You relax only when everything runs smoothly. Stress “kills” you and when pressurized, you expose a lot of your hidden traits.

T You are very sensitive, kind and have great endurance. You like to expand and enlarge your world continuously, so you could always curious about learning new topics. You are a lover of the good things in life. You are conservative, like order and security, and are into tradition and duty-bound activities. You could be a worthy member of the armed services or the police force.

You are extremely protective of others. You could also do well in the entertainment or creative field. You are passionate, romantic and loving and can be too sensitive and easily hurt as you wear your heart on your sleeve and are not afraid to show your feelings.. This may cloud your usually good judgement and sense of morality.

When in love, you can be intense and aggressive but totally committed. You are a rebel at heart and could well live a hustle-bustle kind of life. You may have to force yourself to slow down sometimes and enjoy life as it is, rather as you think it to be. At first people might find it hard to take to you but they end up seeing your good side.

U You are smart, creative, intuitive, have great ability in solving problems, possess a good memory and enjoy telling jokes. Romantic, sensual and protective, you like to keep harmony and balance in your life especially when you are in love.

You often see Romance as a challenge and are often looking for the ideal partner. Trusting yet gullible, you operate best when your home life is stable.

You are a roamer and need adventure, excitement and freedom in your life. You enjoy giving gifts to your partner and seeing your mate look good. You can often put others needs before yours.

You can experience accumulation and loss. Indecisiveness could be your problem so learn to size up situations more quickly and be ready to give energy and commitment. You have a knack for showing up at the right time and can be lucky!

V You are brave, individualistic, disciplined, eloquent and quick-witted. You need space, excitement and freedom but quite often opt for a “safe’ way. You can be attracted to eccentric types and unusual subjects and topics really interest you.

You need excitement and change (although you don’t give this impression). You require financial security yet find that your personal life often threatens your income. You have a good imagination. and have a strong sense of obligation. Watch out for your respiratory system as you can easily catch colds. Eat less spicy food and more vegetarian foods.

W You are honest and fair-minded, idealistic, full of passion for life, proud, determined and refuse to take “No” for an answer when pursuing love. You are romantic, idealistic and often in love with love itself and not seeing your partner as he or she really is.

You feel deeply and often throw yourself wholeheartedly into things that you do so there is a need to watch yourself being too one track minded, not taking advice, not seeing the big picture as you can only see your vision. You will have a lot of opportunities for making money Sometimes people cannot understand your vision or your dreams. Pride often interferes with your relationships. You need to relax and communicate more with people. You should seek groups where there is a common interest – perhaps a political one.

X You are gullible, romantic and generous. You have the luck to create lots of money. You are straightforward and can be quite blunt and although you do not listen to what others have to say, you have a kind heart.

You will experience lots of ups and downs. You frequently change your mind, are easily bored, restless, a chameleon, alternating your personality to suit the environment.
You need constant stimulation as you can’t shut off your mind. You can be very interested in the arts as you have a very strong imagination.

Y You are sharp, quick and able to manage your life with no difficulties at all. You are alive, vibrant and sexy and like to be admired. You have a strong ego, People like and admire you yet you could often have a third party intervening in your work or personal life, which could cause you great concern.

Your ideas will make money if you develop them as you often have bright ideas. You are sensual and very independent and you want to control your relationships which doesn’t always work too well. You often like feedback in what you do.

Z You are hard working and diligent and do not like letting anybody down. You are also quiet, self-sufficient and often put business before pleasure. You find it very hard to relax so it is essential for you to practice meditation or take up yoga etc.

You can be romantically idealistic to a fault so have to go into relationships with your eyes open. Yet you can also be too cautious and careful sometimes causing you to lose out on opportunities.

You can be secretive and distrustful of people. You tend to fall or back the underdog in many situations creating obstacles for yourself. You often make mistakes in love although you are devoted making you fearful of life.