The Ego

Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider you”  It is the human consciousness part of you, designed to ensure your security and survival.

ego= beliefs, judgements and prejudices.

To understand the ego, I need to speak about the Soul.

The soul is pure energy & pure spirit – all knowing, all understanding, with total access to Universal energies.  The closest physical manifestation to a soul can be seen in a new born baby.  We cannot help but be attracted to a newly born.

It is still in its’ ”soul-state” and is mostly concerned with its inner consciousness.  All physical activities are intuitive and this is completely understandable as the baby has not yet learned to “adapt” to its physical environment or to develop an identity.

At this subconscious level, the baby is still connected to their inner consciousness, with a foot in both the spiritual and the physical world.  As the child grows however, there is more interaction with its physical environment, with more than the nurturing arms of its mother, father and siblings if any.  It experiences new emotions continuously and is more aware of the physical world.

The child now learns about love, safety, comfort, but might also discover discomfort, fears, hurts and rejections.  It learns that “rewards” come with conforming to the environment and “Punishment” is associated with going against what is expected of it.  The child’s mind is re-enforced to this way by thinking from its parents or other authority figures in their life.

Mum &./or dad comforts with kisses, rewards with treats and then might put conditions on this love by saying things like, “Be a good boy / girl and clean your room, do your homework or whatever….”If the child does not conform, or do it the way it is supposed to be done, it is greeted with animosity or punishment which might ultimately lead to criticism, a feeling of disappointing others, feelings of rejection, or not being good enough to do what is expected of them

Slowly the child equates this behaviour with the physicality of life and moves further away from its spirituality.  The child forgets it is a soul and begins to believe it is purely physical as it gradually forms a layer of resistance so as to protect itself from the pains and let-downs of everyday life.

The ego attempts to confirm whatever and whoever you declare yourself to be, from “I AM depressed and in debt” to “I AM happy and free.”  In order to accomplish the task of verifying your beliefs, your ego will use any event and way of interpreting the event it finds necessary.

Whether or not you are in harmony with the truth of what is actually occurring in your life is irrelevant to the ego. All that matters is whether or not your ego has accomplished the job of confirming what you really believe to be true about yourself through your experience of it.