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If you’re looking for a psychic who’s going to say only those wonderful flowery things to make you happy or appease your ego, Jeanette isn’t the one for you. She is, however, incredibly perceptive and intuitive whilst giving you very practical insight that comes from a place of deep compassion and understanding.

Jeanette will give you a reading that will cut through any self-illusion or where you’ve been holding back (potentially even lying to yourself). This can allow you to see where you can make the changes in your life that you have been seeking in getting a psychic reading in the fQldirst place.

Patricia Higgins – Aspley

Hi Jeanette,

I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for hosting such a wonderful “Me Day” workshop.  Haven’t been to one before and thoroughly enjoyed the day as well as meeting all the fabulous ladies who attended.  It had such a lovely informal atmosphere and yet we all learnt heaps as witnessed by all the positive comments generated by us all.

And then I came to you for a reading and you were so totally honest with me that I felt as if we had grown up together.  I wanted things to change for me and you said that “For things to change, you have to change, otherwise you wil get the same old same old!” And we discussed how to make those changes.  As difficult as it was, and with attending more workshops, I made it and a year later, how my life has changed!!!

In the relatively short amount of time I have known you, you have already enriched my life beyond measure and I have already gained so much strength and knowledge, just from meeting you.  You have opened a part of me that I had shut away for too long and I am excited for what lies ahead.  I have to admit I am impatient for it to happen too, haha, but I’ll take a deep breath and remember to enjoy the journey, as you recommended.

With much Love, Blessings and Strength for you too, to get through your current difficulties.

Bianca Pettet – Taigum Qld

I was very lost and hurt after my wife separated from me and was searching for help. I came across Jeanette by chance and called for a reading. Jeanette was so accurate with her reading of me and where I was in my life without even seeing my face. I truly wanted to rekindle my relationship but Jeanette told me straight up that it my wife had moved on. This was difficult for me but since that day Jeanette has helped move forward bit by bit. It has been a journey for me but I’m truly blessed to be able to talk with someone like Jeanette. I have probably been slower than most to turn the corner but with Jeanette’s guidance I am getting there. I’m putting the effort in and also working on my shadow side which Jeanette has been amazing with. With her help I am beginning to find myself again and understand more about where I came from and who I am. Thank you Jeanette:)

Roark Schultz – North Qld, Queensland Australia

Dear Jeanette,

I came to you with a very heavy heart and mind. I left my reading full of hope and feeling the love from spirit.

Your guidance, compassion and incredible gift has given me the insight and clarity that I so desperately needed. I can see a light in the darkness and I can’t thank you enough.

Jeanette Jones is a beautiful soul. I will continue to see Jeanette and highly recommend those of you who are in need of guidance or help to take the time to see her. I am forever grateful.

Thank you

E T, Brisbane Qld

Thanks Jeanette you are one very special person who has got great talent who knows how to reach people’s hearts with the things that you do and to heal people with their problems.
Please take care of yourself and stay safe and sound as well as keep warm 🙏🤔❤🙏🌹 you are a very special friend to me and others

Amy Ford, Ipswich, Queensland

I’m Jacqui And I’ve known Jeanette for many many years Whenever I fly into Brisbane I make time to see what is the very essence of a intuitive reader. Jeanette will tell you the whole truth Even if you dont wanna hear it Many many times I’d get a reading from Jeanette when she was at Cashmere And I’d leave saying Hell no woman your wrong. To be only shown in a few months Jeanette was correct in every detail. Intuitive reader is Jeanette’s soul mission and she is the very essence of what she does. She’s moved now And I love her new home

Jacqui Dilley, Townsville, QLD

Dear Jeanette,

I am so grateful to you for everything you have done for me. Your classes have been invaluable to me. They have helped me overcome difficult times in my life, allowed me to to open myself up again to spirit and brought me back to ME.

You are such a wonderful, knowledgeable person who always encourages others to grow and I cannot thank you enough. I wish you every happiness and abundance for the work that you do.

Ann, Cairns Qld

Jeanette has given to me what I was not willing to listen to, within myself and more than I have not known.

she gave me an incredibly accurate reading that has given me things to think about and consider.

May you be truly blessed for the work you do.

Jenny Youngman, Gympie, Queensland

Dear Jeanette,

I would really like to thank you for all your help, advice and answers you have given during the many readings I have had, especially during the time when I had a very manipulative, abusive husband and did not have the courage to leave him as I was in fear of my life and my 3 children. Over time, I implemented much of your advice but what I received the best of, was you giving me the strength and courage to make the decisions so I COULD move ahead.

It took about 2 years but how glad I am that we did it! I say “we” as I felt you in my head helping me with with every step, holding my hand spiritually and just pumping me with that beautiful energy you have. With my family’s help, I moved interstate, got a Protection order in place, went for my divorce and started my new life.

You told me constantly to trust that all will be well, to just expect it and not to be proud to accept help. You said unexpected help would come from unexpected sources if I do that and omg, you were so right as I had help even from total strangers!!! One big thing I have learnt from you is “to trust the Universe.” and another is to keep asking my Guardian Angel for help! You told me that is why we have our very own guardian angels. I think you are my Earth Angel, Jeanette.

I have tel you many times but felt it was time to write a Thank You note!!! If my mum had not given me a reading with you for my Birthday gift, I would never have met you and would still me in the Hell my life was.

Kat, Adelaide South Australia

Jeanette, some images have come into my mind because they remind me of you.

“Balancing Rocks” symbolise the peace and balance I’ve received from knowing you

The “Angels carrying the Heart” because you come from your heart in all you do, you bring into people’s lives and you connect with Angels

The “Angel with the Fairy dust” because it reminds me of my favourite meditation when you asked us to sprinkle angel dust on our homes.

Loving your energy.

Janine Bickmore, Cranbourne Victoria

I want to thank you Jeanette for giving me the emotional space I much needed by just being part of your beautiful day (the One Day Retreat) I am moving through a lot of emotional stuff right now and am so delighted that you realised it by just letting me BE. I noticed you pushed everyone else to do little exercises etc but let me just sit in my own little world. You really are an example of someone following the heart. You are a true Angel, my Angel!

Kathey L, Mooloolooba Qld

Jeanette, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much not only for an incredibly accurate reading but for your warmth and compassion.

Gayle Lowes, Condell Park NSW

Jeanette is a contact of mine through cyber space – a wonderful compassionate soul, and even though I am not always on the “Here” page, I am always in hers as she is in mine.

Felicity MacInnes, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

I had a psychic reading with Jeanette and found her to have great intuition and very knowledgeable regarding a number of aspects. I like her refreshing down to earth approach, her humour and her honesty. She is very comfortable to be around and will put your mind at ease, even if her comments do not make sense at the time of reading. You get that AHA moment later. Trust her and believe. You will not be disappointed. Contact her.

As well as giving very accurate readings, Jeanette runs excellent Psychic Development classes covering several aspects of Spirituality. Her One Day Reterats and My time overseas retreats are extremely fulfilling to the soul.

Patricia Morrow, Paddington Qld

Dear Jeanette, I want to thank you for just being there. You have been a wonderful inspiration to me. You have shown me many things, dreams, wishes and the like.

You are a most beautiful teacher and mentor. Abundance to you and Blessings in everything you do.

Love Always to you.

Amanda Stone, Hanoi Vietnam

Jeanette, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much not only for an incredibly accurate reading for your warmth and compassion. You were of great help.

Gayle Lowes, Campsie NSW

Thank you for having me in your class for the past few years and helping me develop my clairvoyant skills. It has been so therapeutic for my personal journey and a great source of growth for my spiritual journey, all in all giving me great healing to keep on moving on. You have helped me stretch into my potential and see my own truth and that has made me a much stronger person in the process allowing me to have the life I have now.

Thank you for opening your home and your heart to me.

Merrin, Montrose Victoria

My family and I have seen Jeanette several times and found her always accurate, fun and inspiring to be with. I have also done a Day Retreat with her which was amazing.

Debbie Law, Arana Hills Qld

I recommend Jeanette’s service as she is a caring, intuitive person with many years of experience in what she does. I enjoy being part of her class and have gone to her One Day Retreats as well as her overseas Spiritual Retreats.

Jennie Heggie, Burpengary Qld

I was drawn to choose Jeanette and was very comfortable with her. I felt she knew exactly who I was, where I was at and where I needed to go. She helped me greatly. Thank you Jeanette. Such a pleasure to have met you.

Jordan Newbanks, Turncurry NSW

I am truly blessed to have met you as you have helped me with my spiritual growth and moving towards my Life’s purpose (which you deduced from my Numerology Blueprint and which made so much sense to me) I look forward to learning as much as I can and as you said, “to be the best person I can be!”

Julie Sims, Bray Park Qld

This Lady gives you incredible, precise insight about your past, present and future. All insights are shared clearly with clarity.
Jeanette connects with you and source directly and doesn’t sensitize the information she has to share with you. Her love and compassion envelopes you continuously.
Much Love
Vanessa Dart

Dart Pastoral Company Thirlstone ROMA Qld
PH: 07 4623 3438 / 0428 261 502

Vanessa Dart, Thirlstone Roma Qld

I’m so excited to see you again on 8 August Jeanette. every time I have seen you it’s always been a turning point in my life and I’m so excited that I’m going to get to see you again. I look forward to experiencing the wonderful energies at the retreat and clearing all negative energies. I have now had readings from you 3 times and you’ve always been 100% spot on and I’m really excited.

Dallas McCoist, Morayfield Qld

Thank you Jeanette. You certainly covered the unresolved issues well. I know I have to accept my grief and let my father live his own life, as hard as it is for me for I feel very protective of him. It is definitely time for “letting go” and I know I need (and have) help and guidance along the way. I respect and appreciate your reading. Keep up the good work.

God bless you and your lovely family and of course your work. I shall try very hard to follow your excellent advice.

Siobhan Sasher, Galway, Ireland

Thank you for the reading Jeanette. It was the much needed push I needed to achieve what I want for this year. Your reading was excellent and gave me confirmation of a number of things. Thank you again and god bless the good work you do.

From Sally Nicholls, Glasgow, Scotland

A very valuable reading with the bringing through of information that was of tremendous assistance in making a decision that I had been putting off a very long time.

After the session with you and putting certain things in place, I have a freedom that I have not felt for some time. Thank you for the guidance and I especially like your integrity and straight-forwardness.

From H. M. Koek, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Jeanette my friend, I like to tell you something special about you. Jeanette you have a very good heart & a lovely Person , always have a Beautiful smile on your face.

God Bless you + Juliana


Impressive I must say. Found the reading to be sincere and was very surprised as I went to Jeanette out of curiosity. A friend had been to her and said a skeptic like me should experience a psychic reading even if just for the heck of it.

I found myself enjoying the session as Jeanette was funny, very down to earth, straight-forward and clear. Don’t know about her predictions for my future but she nailed quite a few past incidents in my life, even down to my childhood.

From Quinton Vello, Makati, Philippines

Am only writing this to Jeanette about 3 months after I went to see her as at the time of appointment, I felt I could not relate to certain incidents and events and outcomes that seemed rather far-fetched at the time of my consultation.

Since coming home to England though, I have since realised what an incredibly accurate reading I had received. Many of my doubts and uncertainties have been proved unfounded as Jeanette had said and a great deal of anxiety has been lifted from my life.

Wish I had the courage of believing her from the start. Thank you Jeanette. You have a great gift and yet seem so unassuming about it all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and others like you who bring great comfort. So pleased you are on Skype so I can continue having readings with you!

From Lisa Massey, Essex, England

Jeanette, you have given me heaps to think about . I came to you confused and yes, you were spot-on and helped me see my life more objectively. I will be looking forward to meeting you again as I go on my Life’s journey.

From Anita Lutwyche, Ringwood,Victoria

Thank you Jeanette for seeing my very troubled daughter so close to your going away on your big trip. My heart ached for her and I was at the end of a tether on how to help her. I am been to see you and thought that if anyone could help or at least understand her pain, it would be you. And you came up trumps!

I truly appreciate your kindness as you really did help her through a rough patch as after you saw her, the sun seemed to come out for her again.

Thank you for your insight and wise counsel.

Janet Scotter, Kallunger, Queensland

Excellent Reader. Very accurate. Fantastic Teacher.
Will always refer to Jeanette for strong advice & guidance.
A great human being.

From Joyce Pereira, Bass Hill, New South Wales

Jeanette Jones & Louise held a psychic party with me & 12 others. It was the most amazing experience all concerned had endured. The reading for each person was the best experience each of us has ever had, so true to form, Jeanette & her sister Louise are very good psychic mediums & I encourage anyone wishing to have a psychic reading to experience the gift these sisters have. Everyone there truly enjoyed their readings including my sons who had not experienced psychic readings before.

From Trudy Walker, Palm Beach, Queensland

Jeanette, this is to thank you for being so kind and lovely to my daughter. I have not seen her so bubbly in such a long time. You opened doors for her and helped her see what a wondrous journey lies before her. She said you certainly helped her address a lot of her emotional stuff and I am so grateful to you as I know you extended yourself and spent a lot of time reassuring and nurturing her. Thank you from my heart.

Em Stone, Adelaide, South Australia

Hello Jeanette, firstly thank you so much for your patience with me. I was extremely distressed myself when I went to see you and even though you had never seen me before, it seemed like you took one look at me and gave me a great big warm hug!!!! I immediately burst into tears and I left like a little girl being given a blanket of love. You patiently waited while I composed myself before you started my reading.

I want to thank you for your “impartiality” and your light teasing that made me laugh and you told me I started to listen to you when my “aura” changed.

I loved your practical advice and your counselling and you really represented the “Wise One” to me as I could see how genuine you are.

My sister who saw you after me, told me she felt like she had a “religious” experience as she had so many “AHA” moments.

Thank you Jeanette.

Wendy Robinson, St Kilda, Victoria

My family and I went to Jeanette to try and find some inner peace and hope. Jeanette’s readings was very relevant to the moment, understandable, clear and concise. Jeanette started with Numerology which was fascinating and very insightful, and then Jeanette read my cards, it was wonderful to get confirmation that my children are going to be okay and happy with their lives, that I am in a good place and that I have a very bright future to look forward to.

Thanks so much for your guidance and compassion. I also must add that Jeanette handled all our readings with utmost professionalism, sensitivity, dedication and kindness. Her genuineness and warmth comes through everything she says and you immediately know you’re in good hands from the very moment you speak to her. Thank you Jeanette for taking time out of your Saturday.

From Paula Lindeberg, Hamilton, Queensland

My name is Coral … I had a reading from Jeanette and although it was only for half an hour, I found it genuinely accurate and very insightful. I found Jeanette very easy to relate to.

I appreciated Jeanette’s manner of delivery of information given with empathy and forthright insights, presented as …….”I give this to you and it is now up to you to take from it what you will to make a difference in your life.”

I also joined Jeanette’s weekly meditation circle and although I have only been going a few weeks, I see a dedicated soul on her spiritual journey who is willing to reach behind and extend a helping hand to her fellow travellers on their way back home to spirit.

From Coral Innes, Brisbane, Queensland

What a wonderful experience with you Jeanette.
I really feel the Universe led me to you.

From Paul Adrian, Currumbin Waters, Queensland

Hi Jeanette, Just a quick note to thank you for the Psychic Development course and to say how much I have learnt from you and still have so much more to learn. It was an amazing, enlightening day for me and there is so much I do not know!!! Thank you for taking time to be so patient with me and opening my eyes and mind to a different way of thinking.
I love you Jeanette.

From Sherly Cooke, Toowoomba, Queensland

I have used Jeanette’s services both as a reader and a teacher for the past few years. I have always found her readings extremely accurate and truthful.
As a student I attended her classes and am still amazed as to how much knowledge she has on so many subjects. I would strongly recommend her for both readings and classes.

From Jerry Elbers, Gladstone, Queensland

Thank you soooooo much for the beautiful day, I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful energies of the others in the course as well as your beautiful teachings. You are a very gifted person and I loved being part of your amazing energy. Thank you for making me aware of Archangel Michael, I speak to him all the time now and I like that you told me to ask him To create joy and passion in my life. The course opened up such a time of reflection for me.

From Anne Lachlan, Allderley, Queensland

Dear Jeanette, I am off to live overseas for a few years and was going to send you an email but decided to write you this letter instead. With all that has happened to me and around me these last few years, I have noticed that I have actually been very lucky as some very beautiful people came into my life, and one of them is you. You were the one I turned to when I wanted emotional and spiritual support and you gave it unconditionally. My life actually changed when I started coming to your weekly groups and got the opportunity to the learning from you that has opened my mind.

Thank you for always being so welcoming, for your wisdom, intuition, and for being so much a part of the changes in my life. I will always remember your words, your humour, your wonderful stories that we can learn from and I will miss them all.

You know, whenever someone I know is blue, I look into my “Jeanette Folder” and select the appropriate advice for them. Thank you for being so special and so caring. You certainly bring light and love into so many lives and don’t even seem to realise how much of a difference you have made in people’s lives and how much we care for you. I will always keep in touch with you.

From Debbie Sangan, Beachmere, Queensland

I have had a number of readings from Jeanette. Jeanette is a very accurate reader who explains things very clearly. Jeanette combines her talents as a Numerologist, medium and card reader to provide an excellent and comprehensive consultation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jeanette to anyone interested in receiving an accurate, detail-packed reading!

From Cheyne Lind, Toowoomba, Queensland

I received a very reassuring, interesting, encouraging and accurate reading from Jeanette. It was my first reading and my skeptic beliefs have been turned around. My partner and I can now move on in our lives with a clearer and more definite approach to our goals and dreams

From Rebecca de Courey, Sandgate, Queensland

Hello Jeanette, just want you to know that I really appreciate you taking time in your busy life and so close to your big overseas trip, to see my daughter who was in such dire straits and needed good sound counselling, nurturing and kindness.

You really helped her emotionally with your clarity and positivity and she came home with a huge smile on her face and a determination to face her problems head on, instead of hiding from it. Thank you Jeanette. You are one of my favourite persons.

Suzanne Petersen, Ipswich, Queensland

Hi Jeanette, just want to thank you for the great and knowledgeable Tarot course I attended with you. I felt it was an honour to be invited into your home and be given your teachings. I feel my mind has opened up in areas that in the past I had not been able to put my finger on. You have also given me the skills and the confidence to become a Tarot Reader which has been my desire for e a very long time. Every time I do a reading for someone, I will think of you.

From Tracey Pelter, Seven Hills, New South Wales

Thank you Jeanette for coming into my life. I first met you at Doreen’s Angel Intuitive training in 2003 where you were one of the helping hands and i was just learning about Angels. Since then I have spent many happy hours attending Angel Gatherings and mediation groups at your house and learning and developing my own abilities. You have a unique way of being able to support others to gain from your wisdom and develop their own.

I’ve also come to you individually for readings and have found them amazingly accurate and insightful. Even though you’re miles away now, we still do these readings over the phone and I look forward to continuing this in the years to come.

From Amanda Reyes, Adelaide, South Australia

Dear Jeanette, I thought it was finally time to put pen to paper (so to speak) and finally thank you in writing for the amazing readings, teachings and genuine friendship you have shown me over the years, ever since we first met in 2000 at Doreen Virtue’s first ever seminar in Australia.

Having readings with you have been the catalyst for some real “eye-opening “moments” for me and made me become more aware that I am the creator of my own destiny. With your guidance not only from your readings but your wonderful classes and workshops, my world has opened further to other pathways that I could explore and enjoy along my life’s path.

Again, a HUGE thank you Jeanette for your warmth, integrity and genuine love that permeates from you and for making a HUGE difference to us all. It is such an honour to know such a “wise one!” Love and Blessings to you always.

From Leanne Cahill, Glen Waverley, Victoria

Jeanette, this testimonial has been a long time coming. Didn’t realise how much I would miss your wonderful meditations until you went away to Queensland. Also miss the feel of your home Jeanette, it always has such a warm welcoming energy.

I want to thank you for helping me start my own Meditation group. You are such a great teacher and I have copied your format as it provided and instilled so much inspiration and insight in all of us.

So Jeanette, thank you, you are someone I will always remember as being an important part of my life.

From Rosemary Russell, Baulkham Hills, New South Wales

Hi Jeanette, now that I have attended both of your numerology courses, THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge, it was very entertaining, informative and simple to understand the way you were teaching.

I am looking forward to trying out on myself of course, family, and friends. If I could bottle your knowledge and experience, it would be magical thing.

From Julie Boland, Arana Hills, Queensland

Jeanette was recommended by a friend who was very impressed with the accuracy of Jeanette’s reading. I was a little skeptical as I have never really had a good reading and had pretty much given up on going to Psychics, finding them a waste of time and money.

I was going through a period of significant change in my life however, and have always been open to the spiritual side of our world, so I decided to give it one more go. Jeanette was very accurate about the state of my mind, the journey I had been on, and gave me encouragement for my future. There was also information given to me, including a name, (unusual one) that Jeanette had no way of knowing unless she was genuine and highly skilled in her readings.

I left with no doubt that Jeanette is the real deal. I also like her straight-forward, direct manner. There was no airy-fairy side to her communication. I highly recommend Jeanette to everyone.

From Tracy Glynn, Mitchellton, Queensland

If you are looking for a gifted psychic who knows who they are and understands the importance of their decision to help, then you have been led to the right person.

With over 45+ years experience, Jeanette has counselled through her strong connections to spirit energy. Her guidance will help to unravel any confusion you may have as she empowers her clients to obtain clarity.
I thoroughly recommend her if you are seeking an accurate, heartfelt reading as I was, when I met her.

From Heather Rhodes, Magnetic Island, Queensland

I have used Angel Blessings for personal readings and for development of my own mediumship work. Jeanette is very insightful, she is able to deliver messages with kindness and her life experiences adds to her ability to help you understand the messages you will receive through your readings with Jeanette.

Jeanette runs professional workshops and meditation groups and is dedicated to her work making every class enjoyable and enlightening for everyone.

From Caroline Bartlett, Caroline Bartlett Consulting, Queensland

Hi to those of you considering having the wonderful Jeanette enter your life. I was fortunate enough to have Jeanette come to my home and do readings for friends and family. I had only hoped 6-8 people would arrive on that lovely Saturday Jeanette and I had arranged, and I was overwhelmed and very pleased that 14 readings were done that afternoon. Friends brought friends and their family as the word got around that a psychic was coming to my home. Jeanette read many a card that day and there were some skeptics I have to say, in the crowd, my husband included.

I have never seen women and men go in to a room not knowing what was to occur and some having very mixed feelings about the outcome, and then seeing them transformed, mostly with joy etched over their smiling faces as they emerged from their session. The conversation readily flowed as those that were comfortable shared their experiences to the ones waiting to enter and to those that had already experienced the remarkable effects of Jeanette. Some emerged with clarity about personal issues that needed resolution and became much clearer about their options and where their focus should be.

Conversations included an awakening of passion to study and become more fulfilled with life’s offerings, future partners and even a deceased grandmother! We were all smiling and chatting wildly as renovations, finances, employment futures, romance and connections with passed loved ones were discussed and explored.

Many of the friends that came that day assured me that when Jeanette returns they would enjoy the day of meditation and further spiritual enlightenment that she could offer us. The day was so successful and positive and so appealing to such a wide range of personalities and ages that I will definitely have Jeanette back to weave her magic! I hope this is not too long Jeanette but it is all true! Thanks very much!

From Linda Serret, Sippy Downs, Queensland

Jeanette has so many years of experience that it has been wonderful learning to develop my psychic abilities from her. She is always willing to share her knowledge and techniques.

Her guided meditations are very relaxing. I find her classes always brings laughter and a smile to warm my heart and I feel it sets me up for the whole week. I certainly look forward to her classes.

From Brenda Lee, The Gap, Queensland

I have known Jeanette since 1996 and have consulted with her several times. I found her quite amazing. Her aura and tarot readings for me were all so accurate and gave me a greater knowledge of myself and to what path I needed to take in the future. Even though she has moved to Queensland, I am still in contact with her and truly recommend Jeanette very highly.

From Sharon Munton Jones, The Basin, Victoria

I have been to see Jeanette on three occasions. The first time was when she confirmed the truth of my ex who was extremely untrustworthy and gave me the final courage to be rid of him once and for all.

The next time I went to see Jeanette I was in love and she confirmed that I had finally found the one and had mentioned another baby, I thought this must have been someone else as I was 38 years old but Jeanette was right as usual.

The third time I saw Jeanette she once again mentioned the baby and that I would be walking on eggshells, well at this time I was only days away from conceiving for my second child. Jeanette was right about the eggshells as every body certainly tiptoed around this very cranky pregnant lady.

I remember when I came to see you and you said I have found the ONE we both feel like we have hit the Jackpot. You were so right. Thank you Jeanette for your magnificent insights, you have always been right and I would recommend anyone to come and see you.

From Dallas McCoist, Brisbane Queensland

Jeanette did my 1st reading for me in Sydney way back in 1989 when I was at the lowest depth of my life. That first time, she did not give me a reading, but instead she gave me lots of healing, counselling and the comfort which I sorely needed. It was such a surprise as I was expecting the “standard?” reading, having been to other readers before Jeanette.

Jeanette practically walked hand in hand with me through my several crisis’ until she felt after several sessions that I was ready for a reading for what my future would hold. She said I had to address the present before I could even think of coping with the future!!!

I have since seen Jeanette many more times over the years and although I now live in WA and she lives in Qld, she still does Skype readings for me, my whole family and a host of friends. I will never forget her kindness towards me. She is honest, sincere and direct. I highly recommend a session with her.

From Bob Williams, Bullcreek, Western Australia

I’ve known Jeanette for several years now and have great faith in her abilities as a reader and a teacher. She’s given me a lot of readings over the years and I have attended many of her meditation classes as well. I’ve been to a lot of readers in my time and Jeanette is by far one of the best and most intuitive – she doesn’t muck around with ambiguous statements – she is very focused and direct. Ihave referred a lot of friends and relatives to her over the years and am very pleased to provide this testimonial and continue to refer others.

I hope Jeanette will continue to do this work for many years to come. She is inspiring as a teacher and makes you think differently – about a lot of things. She has been a great comfort to many people, myself included. She has taught me how to tap into and trust my inner knowing – we all have it, but sometimes it’s reassuring to have some validation of what we already know.

From Ros Gibson, Kedron, Queensland

I just wanted to say a huge Thank you to Jeanette Jones for the wonderful and precise reading I had with this beautiful soul recently… You are so gentle and yet so direct but I loved that about you. Thank you for giving me alot of clarification on the present and also the future. You are Truly gifted and I’m sure i will call upon your expertise again in the future.
​Thank you. Much love
Leanne Amor xxxx

From Leanne Amor, Queensland

Jeanette, I just want to say I do appreciate your friendship and everything you have done for me. You have given me the gift of psychic development which is very important to me, and you have encouraged me to think in a different way about many things. You are probably the person who has helped me the most in my life. I am very glad I found you.

I highly recommend Jeanette as a tarot reader as have had readings with her which have been very helpful to me, at times in my life when I have most needed help and advice. Through her I have come to see the value of meditation in coming to terms with events in my life. Through her I have also been able to do courses in Tarot reading and Numerology, both very interesting and enjoyable subjects. I would have to say to anyone who was considering a visit to a psychic intuitive, that you will not be disappointed if you go to see Jeanette.

From Robyn Neilsen, Lawnton, Queensland

Jeanette…… I want you to know what a comfort your words were to me through my breast Cancer. What I found truly amazing was you sent the CD to me through my daughter and you had not even had consultation with me!!! You said to her, and I quote: “take this home to your mother and tell her not to worry. This is a hiccup in her life and she will be through when Aquarius is here.”

This was given to me before I had seen the specialist and heard the worst. But your words of hope when all seemed bleak got me through each day. I wrote them out and carried them with me and read them to myself, reaffirming I had to hold faith. Your month by month accuracy was right on the marker. You gave me the greatest thing – hope and the ability to turn fear into hope…. Thank you…. You are certainly blessed.

From Diane Isles-Paten, Pomona, Queensland

My reading with Jeanette was excellent. She was correct and on the right track with all the issues I had at that time, as well as all aspects of my past. She was kind and understanding when I became overwhelmed.

I found that, and her, very comforting. I recommend Jeanette because of her understanding and kind nature and the accuracy of her reading. I truly appreciated her reading. I love going to her classes and workshops. Have really learnt a lot from Jeanette.

From Ellyn Cleary, Arana Hills, Queensland

Jeanette was spot on with everything she said. My dad went to her for a reading about 10 years ago, then my nanna went and then they both recommended that I go too as I had major health problems then. Jeanette commented straight away on my illnesses (I know that my dad and nanna did not tell her anything as I was not into psychics then.) She said I would be better in about 5 years, not cured but much improved. Having been ill for so long, of course I had strong doubts, but she was right!!!!!!

A few years ago, (not long after I saw Jeanette) a trial drug treatment was recommended to me that made me feel much better. Jeanette said I would not be 100% healthy, only about 70% but said I would be happy with that.

During the first few years of my treatment, her reading gave me hope and the will to carry on with the treatment. I saw her several times, mostly to keep up my optimism, and as I got better, I joined her Meditation and Psychic Development courses and absolutely love being in her lovely, loving group. Thank you Jeanette!!!

From Kristy Newcombe, Albany Creek, Queensland

Popped down to the local markets this morning with the intention of buying some veggies and ambling around to see what it was all about as well as to stop in and meet in person, a Facebook friend Jeanette Jones of Angel Blessings… well I stopped and met and then a little voice inside me said ‘get a reading, get a reading’ and so I did and WOW . It blew my mind.. Spot on for me right now, informative, helpful and just WOW. If you get a chance, like her page and find out about her workshops or have a reading. So good to connect with you Jeanette, perfect timing and I am so grateful.

From Anne Aleckson, Carseldine, Queensland

I have known Jeanette for more than 8 years and first contacted Jeanette for a tarot card reading, then a Tarot course. After completing this course which was so informative and done with clear instructions from Jeanette, I carried on and did other courses with her like numerology, meditation and psychic development.

Jeanette has an abundance of knowledge and many years of experience. Very clear and direct in her teachings. A Very powerful true lady! I would recommend Jeanette to any one for accurate Readings, Meditations or any of her classes!

From Liz Williamson, Adelaide, South Australia

Jeanette is “spookingly accurate”. And a fabulous person as well. Jeanette has definitely changed me and my world. Jeanette is amazing!!! I’ve had a few readings with her and every time I find clarity in my life. She is a spiritual guru who I’ve sent my friends to and all thank me for the recommendation. Her readings are certainly mind blowing to say the least!!!

From Tessa Stowe, Redcliffe, Queensland

I have been attending classes run by Jeanette Jones for more than 5 years. Her ethics ore of the highest standards expressing on all of us that readings should always finish on a positive note. She shares her knowledge willingly and pushes us to embrace and trust the process and believe the journey as we walk along our spiritual path. I feel truly blessed to watch new students start Jeanette’s classes and see how they change becoming more caring towards others and developing their spiritually.

As you can see from this testimonial, I hold Jeanette in the highest esteem and respect and in finishing, I hope you can see what a jewel we have in Jeanette.

From Carmel Collett, Aspley, Queensland

Dear Jeanette, For over a year now I have been enjoying your Meditation and Psychic development classes (and our cups of coffee and chats afterwards too). Each week you deliver a beautiful meditation and provide us with interesting challenges. These are two of the many reasons, I always look forward to attending your lessons.

You are a gifted, engaging and supportive spiritual teacher, delivering guidance with compassion and care. It is rewarding to be progressing with my own psychic awareness and to share in the evolution of those in our class.

I truly appreciate the friendship and bond our group shares, the myriad of topics we discuss and the advice and inspiring words that are gleaned from each lesson. You continue to amaze me with your perceptiveness and expanse of knowledge. See you next lesson.

From Melanie Kamp, Albany Creek , Queensland

I have known Jeanette for many years and have found her to be one of the most dedicated psychics in the field. She works hard, studies all kinds of things to constantly improve herself but most importantly, she really cares about her clients. I highly recommend her skills to anyone.

Lesley Ann Crossingham, Currumbin, Queensland 2017 People’s Choice Author – Psychic Author of the Year

​I’ve had 3 readings with Jeanette Jones and she is gifted in her talents of being psychic. She gave me goosebumps with some of the things she said and has changed my thinking to be much more open minded and much less afraid of the future.

From Marion Bell, Albany Creek, Queensland

Thank you very much for sharing your time, talent and wisdom, Jeanette. What a wonderfully professional, warm and insightful reading!
I received a great deal of hope, clarity and information to process – a marvellous starting point for this next chapter of my life.
Much of what you said was uncannily accurate and perceptive, you are indeed an intuitive and special individual. Looking forward to what the future holds.

From Lisa, Gold Coast, Queensland

I had the pleasure of having Jeanette read for me a few weeks ago and she was excellent! Jeanette has a lovely warm and caring energy, and for me she gave a great mix of tarot, numerology and intuitive reading – a very accurate reading of past events and circumstances, with a very positive manner of presenting things to come. I’d highly recommend you give yourself the opportunity of letting Jeanette read for you – for confirmation of thoughts you’ve had yourself, for additional direction in your life, or just for fun and to see what the Universe is trying to tell you 🙂

Vikki Brinkley Brisbane, Queensland

I first met Jeanette when she did a reading for me 14 years ago. It was amazing. Everything she said was true. I remember thinking I wish I had the talent to read cards. Jeanette was so inspiring so I started going to her meditation classes. Jeanette has so much knowledge to give. I have learnt so much about myself personally and spiritually and now, thanks to Jeanette, I can read cards and so much more. I also got to know Jeanette and her family on a personal level. Jeanette is kind, loving and a very caring and generous person.

From Kristy Newcomb, Albany Creek Queensland

I have been getting readings from Jeanette for the past 4 years and eve since the first session with her, I have felt a real connection to her. She strikes the perfect balance between fun yet serious. Her outgoing, bubbly nature makes me look forward to every reading and yet, her motherly, caring nature results in her giving an insightful, compassionate reading every time. Did I say she was very accurate as well? Many a times, when I fail to have clarity in my life, she has been there leading the way.
Thank you Jeanette for everything!

From Jacqueline Lee, Singapore

“I have seen Jeanette on numerous occasions, and each time her predictions have been accurate. Jeanette is very skilled and confident with her unique ability. My daughters have also visited Jeanette, and have reported the same feelings. I would strongly recommend Jeanette for a consultation.”


Tiffany Albany Creek Queensland

Dearest Jeanette, It has been such a pleasurable adventure awakening my intuitive side and developing my relationship with the Angels through you. Your support is so appreciated. Love and Blessings

Bev Alden, Cranbourne Victoria

I consider myself blessed to have Jeanette as a friend. She has a passion for her chosen profession as a psychic intuitive reader. On arriving for a reading, I felt comfortable and safe in her presence. Always important to me if I am about to have my life story delved into. I was very impressed with her ability and knowledge and always amazed in her ability to zone in psychically to the issue I needed clarity with. She has wonderful understanding and knowledge in the Tarot Cards and Numerology and makes you feel relaxed and at ease in her company.

I was given solutions and alternatives with what I was going through and given direction in how to help myself. Sometimes we lose ourselves along the way and we need the guidance and insight to move out of our situations. Thank you Jeanette for your professional attitude and compassion.
P/s You will not be disappointed to have a reading with Jeanette.

Bronwen Burnham, Clear Mountain, Queensland

Once in a while truly incredible people enter into your life. At that moment you may not know why or understand the significance of the moment. Whether it were angels or just good fortune, I thank my lucky stars we met Jeanette. My wife and I met Jeanette at a quiet meet and greet doTERRA function two months ago and have never looked back. A Friend for Life and Life’s Abundantly Good. Vernon

From Vernon Clarkson, Mango Hill, Queensland

Jeanette is a fabulous, relateable psychic. She has not only read for my husband,our children and me but also many of our friends. With each reading she has offered insightful guidance and assistance on all facets of life and delivered it with a nurturing manner. Jeanette has also provided invaluable vision regarding our business ambitions, making it so clear for us to seize each opportunity as it came before us. We value her advice and friendship and would not hesitate to recommend her accuracy and ability.

Melanie Kamp, Albany Creek, Queensland

Jeanette came highly recommended to me by a work friend when I expressed feelings of being a little lost in life and lacking direction. I had never had a reading before, and honestly I was a little hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what my future had in store for me. But it was without a doubt the best gift I could have given myself. Now I feel much more guided and trusting in the timing of my life. My favourite thing about her readings is the way she explains her messages to you through little analogies, which makes it easy to understand, but also to remember. I hear her words play over in my head and I feel like I have a little guardian angel on my shoulder. Thank you for sharing your gift and your wisdom Jeanette.

Rebecca Gibson, QLD

I went to Jeanette’s meditation and psychic development classes for nearly three years and even though I am not able to attend any more, I still use her tapes for meditation and she has become a very special friend to me. I used to look forward to going to meditation classes every week, wondering what wonderful lessons we would be learning that day.

Jeanette is such a natural teacher and a particular favourite exercise of mine was when she told us to think of someone we loved and draw a tree representing them. I could not get over how good my tree looked. We then all examined one another’s tree and had to describe the person, their characteristics etc. I couldn’t believe how accurate we all were!

Recently I have attended the Beginners Numerology class which I loved and I am looking forward to the intermediate numerology class at the end of this month. Thank you Jeanette.

From Adrienne Davies, Paddington, Queensland

I would like to say a big thank you. Not only have you opened a window for me that I am eager to explore, but you brought me closer ties than what I could have hoped for, with my grandfather.
You made me possible for me to communicate with him, and just for that, I will always remember you.
May the Angels shower Rainbows on you.

Amy Riddell, Mt Evelyn Victoria

I honestly don’t know what else I could say/write about your amazing journey that has not been said in “many different ways”.
So I will only write about my personal experiences. Starting from when I met you at a “Spiritual Development Group” around 20 years ago.
You have always been a very intuitive person which reflects in all of your workshops and psychic readings.
As a person I have always felt that you are very forthright, honest, compassionate and at the same time that you have an incredible insight into human nature.
You are very respectful of every bodies personal space. One of your many gifts is the way you “deliver” and “share” information.
Love, Light and Laughter

Elizabeth Secker, Chadstone, Victoria

I am actually a friend / colleague of Jeanette’s husband Bob and on a visit to Australia from Banff in Canada. Whilst confiding in Bob over domestic issues back home, he suggested I have a consultation with Jeanette. At that time, I was unaware that she did Psychic work, and never having been involved with people in that field, I was initially very reluctant (and perhaps even skeptical.) I don’t really know how to describe her field so hopefully she does not get offended when she reads this.

I know for a fact that she did not know anything about my situation as Bob put the proposition to her when she got home, about seeing me and we went immediately to her “Reading Room” where she commented on my situation in the first minute. If I did not know that Bob had not spoken to her, I would have accused him of passing on information to her.

Have no idea how Psychics work, never having known any but I was so shocked that I regret to say I did not say much whilst with Jeanette. She however seemed not to mind and it seemed like we covered my whole life in the time with her. And I have had a long life being 72 years of age now. I have written more here than my conversation with her.

She wanted no thanks for her brilliant work but asked if I could comment on this site and I am happy to do so. Would love to bring her home with me to Banff. That would be throwing the cat among the pigeons as my family and friends would probably think I have gone senile.

From William Hanks, Banff, Canada

Delightful Jeanette, Look at how our Angels engineered our meeting! I look forward to many wonderful moments of Time ahead as we share our spiritual journey. You have brought many beautiful people into my life and you are one of them.

Sandra Pector, Broome WA

Jeanette Jones…the moment and the day I met you..I knew we are going to be friends..the twinkle in your eyes says it all. You are such a caring and an understanding friend. You never fail to lend your ears when I needed to talk to you…you advises were great…some of it went through me and gave me an eye opener..I am most grateful to you. Within such a short period if time ..we have discussed valuable things..and I have put to use and it has helped and guided me greatly. I am most thankful and lucky to have met you..I know our friendship will go a long way. All the very best to you Jeanette…hope to meet you again. God bless you. You are so lovely and a beautiful person inside and out.

Sooria Kumari Singovan, Kuala Lumpur

I have known Jeanette for many years and attend her weekly Psychic Development classes regularly. She is extremely good at everything she does. and I would have no problem in recommending her to family, friends and strangers.

Linda Duffy, Joyner Qld

I’ve know Jeanette for over 20 years and have always found her readings to be so accurate and insightful. From tarot, numerology, aura and so on she has an uncanny ability.
I have been to some of the workshops that she runs and they’re always informative, fun and a great way of meeting like minded people.
I would highly recommend Jeanette and her amazing ability to everyone.

From Sharon Munton Jones, The Basin, Victoria

I had my first reading with Jeanette in 2014. She was recommended by a friend and Jeanette did not disappoint! The reading was highly accurate to what I felt inside and very relevant to my frame of time at that time. Jeanette’s reading gave me a lot of hope and faith in what I was doing. She is the perfect guide to reminding and encouraging you to follow your own life path. She explains the intent and process of her readings so that I value her messasges as she has been a very important part of my personal journey and I cannot thank her enough.

Much love to you my beautiful soul and friend. I am indeed very blessed and fortunate to have found you in this lifetime.

From Amandine Schneider, Everton Park, Queensland

It is a true blessing to have a person like Jeanette in my corner. It is hard for me to express just how helpful and insightful Jeanette is and for the support she has given me on my journey to reinvent who I am and who I want to be. Jeanette was able to put things into perspective in a clear and conscious way and her accuracy in what is happening in my life is spot on. Jeanette is straightforward and tells it as it is but in a gentle and caring manner. Jeanette tells you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear. Jeanette is a professional and very talented intuitive reader; her ability to analyze a situation and then guide you towards a solution is truly astounding. Jeanette inspired, encouraged and guided me to make much needed change. If you looking for guidance in your life, Jeanette is the person for you. Jeanette is sincere and her unconditional guidance has helped me transform my life in so many ways. Thank you Jeanette I am grateful and blessed call you my friend.

Candida Scurville
Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner| Certified Hypnotherapist | Certified NLP Practitioner | Certified Time Line Therapist | Certified Life Coach
0401668892 | candi74@optusnet.com.au

Candida Scurville, Banyo Qld

I’ve known Jeanette for a number of years and during this time she’s always been accurate, supportive and helpful with her advice. The first time I spoke with her, I was having trouble with a manager at work who was bullying me. She was quick to point me in the right direction, and sure enough, as she’d predicted, I moved teams.
She’s given me advice on what jobs to take, seen opportunities arising before they’ve appeared, and given me personal and relationship insights, which, on reflection, I wish I’d had the sense to listen to!
Jeanette’s meditation and self-development classes have given me the confidence to trust my inner wisdom, universal guidance, and lean into the support of my angels and guides.

Over the past year, Jeanette’s classes have helped me immensely in my personal and professional life, giving me the strength and confidence to make big decisions, tackle life changes, and truly appreciate the person she’s helped me become.
I’d definitely recommend Jeannette as a psychic, and over the years, she’s also become a friend and mentor. She’s brilliant, so give a reading a go, and hopefully we’ll see you in class too.

From Sapphire Parsons, Fortitude Valley Qld

I have been attending Jeanette’s Meditation & Psychic development classes for a few years now. Apart from being a fantastic teacher and friend we celebrate our birthdays on the same day. Her teachings have helped me learn more about the spiritual journey I am on. It’s a place to take yourself out of your busy life, and learn amazing meditation and tarot cards techniques. The teachings are for everyone and not based on any religion. I have also just started using the Ajna Light that was introduced by Jeanette . What it does it stimulates the pineal gland to open up your third eye. This experience was amazing and I could feel my body Astral travel and so much more. This would be something you would put on your Bucket List. I am blessed to have found you Jeanette.

ARBeautyEscape | www.arbeautyescape.com.au

Arete Rassias, Enoggera Qld

It is always a pleasure to have a reading with Jeanette as she combines information with humour. Through Jeanette my husband found me (as she said he would in a reading). She described my home and the landscape around it accurately to him. Through her use of Tarot cards and Numerology she performed a compatibility profile for our future together. We met in 2011 and were married in 2013. It has been a match made in heaven by an Angel on Earth. Thank you Jeanette.
Anna Nolan R.N. MBA

m: 0427 170 357

Anna Nolan, Warwick Queensland

Dear Dear Jeanette, thank you so much for your wonderful reading. You certainly are an Earth Angel and I remember your words constantly even when I am not in your presence and you have been in my thoughts so constantly that I wonder how does someone like me attract someone like you! This is huge for me. You not only offer spiritual help but you pointed so many attributes I have that I never considered as advantages, you boosted my self esteem tremendously and made me promise to go after the position at work that I wanted. (I am writing this in so much appreciation as I GOT IT!)

Your strong spiritual beliefs that I would love to have even a fraction of and your strong energy that makes me feel stronger just for being with you. (I ‘almost’ feel like a mini Superwoman since my reading.) I have really taken your reading to heart and implementing ALL of your advice. I am already seeing the big difference it has made in my life. Have started my diet too and started some gentle yoga, at your suggestion.

I send you much love, light and lots of thanks and I will never forget you. You are certainly one very blessed person.

Helen Carter, Drummoyne NSW

In Feb 2018 my friends witnessed why Jeanette has won Psychic of the Year so many times.

I invited a group of girls over for a day of readings. We were blown away with how accurate and insightful their readings were. Although Jeanette doesn’t usually like to do ‘medium’ work she was forced to that day and my friends who had that experience received some much needed peace, comfort, and confirmation.

I highly recommend getting a group of friends together; as it can be healing, fun, and enlightening plus you may just find out something else you have in common with a friend.

For me, it was wonderful to get confirmation that what I am working on right now is on the path of success, although it might still be some months away it will happen, and having that hope is always a good thing.

Michelle Pavel, Mango Hill, Qld

Hello Jeanette, firstly thank you for your patience with me. I had stressed myself so badly that I was close to being physically sick when I went to see you. I also want to thank you for your “impartiality” and making me make the decision rather than you making it for me.

I loved your advice for “for nourishing the soul” and your advice for breaking my vicious cycles. Your description of my aura at the start of the reading really matched how I felt inside so I knew you were genuine and that allowed me to open up to your inspiring words. You have given me the courage to believe in what I intend to do and now I just need to hire you (lol) as my personal Spiritual Coach.

Wendy R, South Australia

Dear Jeanette, just saw your website and realised I owe you a thank you note. I would really like to thank you for all the help, advice and answers you have given me during the several readings I have had with you some years ago. In case you do not remember me, I was the one having massive problems with a manipulative, abusive husband.
I followed your advice faithfully and I am very happy now. You told me to look at my relationship in a non-judgemental way so I could see it objectively and it was difficult at first but using the techniques you taught me, I realised I was his puppet. You made me emotionally strong enough to make the difficult decisions. You reminded me that I had parents who would drop everything to help me out, and they did. I just did not realise that my now ex-husband caused me to think no one loved me enough to support me. My parents even bought me a house so my children and I had somewhere to stay.

I am ashamed now that I have never thanked you properly even though you played such a huge part in my life. They say angels appear when you least expect them and you were certainly my Angel then. So thank you Jeanette. I wish you all the happiness in the world as you certainly deserve it.
(Btw, I tel Jeanette and she DID remember me and was so pleased I called, bless her heart.)

C.S (Name withheld.) Australia

My Dear Jeanette, I want you to know that I truly appreciate what you told me this morning (even though you apologised) because it is exactly what I needed to hear. You are teaching me how to have friends, how to treat them and how to BE a friend. I reached out to someone I knew after your reading as I was so emotional, but also wanted to “practice” being a friend, and what a shock for me. I was received so differently and I was even able to confide in this person and left her knowing she is now my friend.

You told me to never forget that we all learn from each other. YOU are my teacher now and it is amazing that in the hour I spent with you, I feel like I have come out of some cocoon as I am thinking differently esp about myself. You have certainly provided me with a new way to think, a better way to look at the world and for that, I want to thank you.

On no account do I want you to have regrets on my behalf, about today. You were honest and truthful and told me directly that I was the one who needed to change, not the rest of the world! I really value your reading today as well as your hand of Friendship.

Prefer to be Anonymous

An anonymous message for me while in Mediumship class in Tumbetin Spiritual Church, Victoria July 1998

Jeanette, I am being impressed to tell you that you have much to give. Knowledge, healing with words, a true channel, you are the ultimate teacher.
You have the ability to uplift and encourage others in a calming way. You have the ability to help others to be in touch with who they really are and to make them believe in themselves. You are a gentle old soul with much inner knowing and awareness. You have much to do and much time to do it.

Spirit wants you to know that you are here for a deeper purpose and there is much assistance available to you.
Your learning is to listen and follow your path without resistance. Your Guides and Angels will take you to where you are meant to be.

Peace and Blessings to you, my little Sister.

Anonymous Message while in Mediumship class

Jeanette is a gifted reader who I have turned to for several readings over the past few years. Each time, I have received great guidance on important decisions in both my family and business life. The information she has provided has either given confirmation that I am on the right path or opened my mind providing me with the confidence to follow a path I may not have previously considered.
I certainly value her gifts and will continue to return and also recommend her readings to others.

Bas Kamp, Managing Director at FleuraMetz Australia t/a Petal Peddlers

I have been attending Jeanette’s Meditation and Physic Development classes for a few years. These classes are always insightful as well as fun. Jeanette has helped me through personal problems, with her caring and honest attitude to all that she does. I have also attended some of Jeanette’s workshops which have been very helpful and informative. Recently I have started having the Anja Light and find this most helpful especially as Jeanette uses programs to suit my personal experience.

I highly recommend Jeanette and all the services she provides. She is a very caring, helpful and honest person. I am proud to call her a friend.

Susan Daunton ,Eatons Hill,Qld.

Susan Daunton, Eatons Hill Qld

Dear Jeanette,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful reading. You brought the outcome into full clarity based on the choices I had in mind. I was at a fork in the road and wasn’t sure which directions to take. You helped me clear the fog and I was able to leave with confidence.

Your reading was invaluable and I came back again for more readings. I felt uplifted and better about the situation no matter what you told me. And the things you say, I know you weren’t guessing at all. Even if they were difficult news, you will tell that as well. You words gave me the ability to let go some of the things and be at peace, and they also gave me the support I needed to believe I could start over in the other areas.

I know I was meant to find you. Thank you again for being you, and I am looking forward to speaking with you again.

Grace Joyce, Brisbane Qld

Jeanette has been my friend now for more than twenty years so it gives me great joy to write from my heart about her. I feel as though i have known her all my life and have often wondered if we knew each other in a past life. I feel like she is my soul sister.

We first met when I started attending her mediation classes in Melbourne. I was a bit green about all things spiritual but thirsty for knowledge. At first began I was doubtful I would be able to sit through one as I am a bit of a fidget, but very quickly I was enjoying the depths of meditation and eagerly looking forward to the next week. I felt so good after each session.

I’ve had to face some big life challenges and whilst the process hasn’t always been pretty for me, it has been life changing and I am a better version of myself because of it and being in Jeanette’s classes. I think they broke the mould when they made Jeanette. She is just one of a kind.

I’ve had a number of readings from Jeanette and rer readings always support me with clarity and accuracy. I turn to her for advice because i know she will give it to me straight, without any sugarcoating, and this is something I value dearly.

My life, my learnings and who I am now is better for having met Jeanette. She is a divine gift and a blessing to those who open their hearts to her.

Janine K, Cranbourne, Victoria

“I approached Jeanette approximately 6 years ago after a friend recommended her to me. I have utilised her services regularly since, having had 7 readings with her. I can see why Jeanette is awarded “Queensland Psychic of the Year”, year after year – it’s because she is a gifted psychic. I have found her predictions to be “spot on”.

Often Jeanette has taken the guess work out of my “forks in the road”. She has helped me clarify directions to take in my life which has lead to my life becoming more enriched.

Jeanette advised me that I would “take airplane after airplane for work” and that my “income will be more than doubled”. At the time I wasn’t sure how this would happen, but I kept an open mind. Sure enough, within two years her predictions came to fruition.

I like the way Jeannette has advised me in the sessions of people that had “crossed over” who came to visit me in the session to “say hello”. These include, among others, two friends of the family from my childhood. They had special messages for me – words of encouragement and comfort. She described them in detail and there would have been no way of her knowing these facts.

Jeanette’s expertise has guided me to recognise the depth of my own psychic abilities, gently guiding me and offering suggestions to me on how to develop these. I will always be extremely grateful to Jeanette for the positive change this has made in my life.

I have found my experiences with Jeanette to be very positive, uplifting, and clarifying. Her kind yet honest manner has given me many answers in a safe and nurturing setting. Thank you Jeanette!”

Marion Bell, Albany Creek Qld

Jeanette has been a wonderful teacher in her Tarot, Meditation and Psychic development classes. When I first attended to her classes, I had very little knowledge on spiritual concepts. She has been patient and supportive with my learning and over time, I found myself being more intuitive and have improved myself spiritually.

I also had a reading from Jeanette and her predictions about my life challenges was pretty much spot on. Being new to Numerology, I was amazed how numbers can tell alot about your life!

Thank you Jeanette for being a great teacher and friend! I very much enjoyed attending your classes and you have been a great inspiration to me 🙂

Lien, Brisbane, QLD

I have not had a reading with you but just want to comment on how we connected. I was celebrating my birthday and was having a lunch with some friends. My friend whom you came with, had her dates mixed up and although you told her you were quite willing to go out with her another time, I suggested you join us. And this was when this weird and wonderful thing occurred. In conversation with the 2 girls who were there, I mentioned that I was going to buy Louise Hay’s book “You can Heal your Life” as it was recommended to me.

Then lo and behold, you turned up with that book as my birthday gift. We were all extremely impressed and all you said was “The book said, “Pick me, pick me.”

By the way, the book started me on my amazing journey as Louise Hay and you are so inspirational and just chatting with you that day made me want to get up and start doing all kinds of spiritual stuff. I did start meditation classes by the way and have joined a Reiki group. So thanks for the Heads up, Jeanette.

Cathie Laurence, Hong Kong

I was very impressed with my reading as I can relate to everything that was said to myself and my husband. It was amazing how Jeanette very quickly tapped into the problems we are having. It was a fascinating session. We loved it.

Ayshena and Sam Mustafa, North Lakes Qld

Thank you Jeanette. I really enjoyed my experience with you, of my first ever Psychic reading. Truthfully, as I told you, I only went to see you as I had received a Gift Voucher for my birthday. I really felt like the proverbial sacrificial lamb as I had literally no idea on what to expect. To my utter surprise, I found you to be a being of great truth and integrity and your reading opened doors to my subconscious self. (Teeheehee, notice that I am talking like you!!! lol))

Sally Anderson, Mitcham Victoria

An extremely helpful reading giving me clear direction and sound advice. If not being this wonderful psychic, Jeanette could be a terrific counsellor as she has great empathy and insight.

Hilda Angussen, Stavanger Norway

My Dearest Jeanette,

I have been thinking of you quite a bit and decided to keep you up to date with with your fabulous reading which was so beneficial to me and helped my daughter even though it was my reading. It is always so amazing having a reading with you as you say things I sometimes can’t relate to, and then bingo, it fits into place later! One such incident was re my daughter and your comment about making time for her the next morning as you felt she would really need me. I said I was going to have a busy morning and you said, “Yes, just not the way you think you will be!!!” Needless to say, my daughter needed me all morning.

Your reading also allowed a great healing to take place as you triggered old bad past buried memories which needed to surface so I could move on to the new life I was entering into.

Even though it was past my time with you, you were patient throughout my tearful episodes and help me be aware of my heart space. We talked about the usefulness of clearing “my stuff” and lots of other issues and I have been working on myself since my reading. I am so grateful for your loving support

Have wonderful magic happen to you my dear wise one. I will definitely keep in touch. How could I not!

Shandria P, Taigum Qld

Thank you so much for a wonderful reading session Jeanette. I have had many readings before but yours was number 1!
Such a profound, encouraging, straightforward and loving advice I had.
Really appreciated💕

Yoshie Dixon, Everton Hills Qld

Jeanette is sensational! Her guidance and recommendations have helped many of my friends and family. Look no further you’ve found the diamond 💎

Gabriella Clarkson, Mango Hill Qld

Hi Jeanette

I felt it was very necessary to let you know that after our reading today, I was not only blown away with your accuracy but your absolute honesty with you
and how you put across my reading. ♥️ I can’t recommend you enough. ♥️ I feel very pleased to have met you and I am so glad the Universe guided me your way. ♥️
I was meant to meet you and gee I am glad I did.♥️ You are incredible. One reading and I feel I have freed so much baggage.
Knowing loved ones are around after all these years checking on me was just a bonus to a perfect reading.
You are a phenomenal woman! ♥️♥️♥️ After 1 reading, I already know I will be back to see you and look forward to building a great client relationship with you.
Jeanette, not only did you give me guidance but you also answered all the Questions I did not even know I wanted to ask. You are incredibly gifted and I cannot
express how true and pure you are. I feel as if I have known you my entire life. The world needs to know about you. Words cannot express how grateful I am for my reading

Jessie Ayling


Jessie Ayling

I was very stressed and needed assistance. Jeanette was very helpful and her information and advice were thoughtful, powerful and encouraging. I understood that I need to be strong and take actions which I avoided for long time.
My stress and anxiety decreased thanks to her assurance and I could take appropriate actions.
Jeanette and her session is wonderful!

Yoshie Dixon

Sometimes in life, you meet people you instantly connect with. For me, Jeannette is one of these people. I met Jeanette by chance at a Psychic Fair in October 2018 where I was somehow drawn to her. What a happy chance meeting! In a very short 15 minute reading, Jeannette was able to provide me with so much information and insight at a time when I was searching for direction in life.

I booked in for another reading in January 2019, and was gifted an hour long session. Jeannette has a wonderful way of providing healing, direction, insight and hope in a very caring and nurturing manner. Her readings are very clear and easy to understand, and I particularly enjoy the relatable stories she shares to help clarify her readings further.

I always look forward to my interactions with Jeanette and feel blessed to have met this spirited, gifted, and generous soul.

Etta Taduran, Qld

It has taken me some time to write this review because it is hard to articulate into words the impact that Jeanette has had on my life in such a short time. I came to her in a desperate time in my life. I had never sought the help of a psychic before, but sometimes in your life there are times of uncertainty or cross point moments that leave you lost, at least that was my experience. In what was my darkest moment I found Jeanette and she allowed me to see the light in a time that was so dark and uncertain. For me she was part psychic, part life coach because her approach delves beyond the spiritual world but allows you to gain a perspective on life that you may not have considered before.

She is kind and selfless, allowing you to talk and she listen and help wherever she can. Her honesty has now shaped me in a way that allows me to see the world in a different way.

She is incredibly spirited and I will be continuing to use her as well as recommending her to anyone that I can.

Thank you Jeanette.

All my love

Nicole Wall, Morayfield Queensland

Dear Jeanette,

It gives me great pleasure to say thank you for your wisdom, warmth and your amazing psychic skills that enabled me to gain tremendous peace of mind as I had great angst about life-changing decisions involving a relationship connected with my career. The advice given to me was extremely helpful and although you said you did not make decisions for anyone, as it is our lives and our free will, you helped me with sensible and practical solutions and calmed me considerably.

Since our consult, I have implemented several of our discussed options and remarkably, things have actually progressed, to my relief and my utter surprise. My gratitude to you. I am regaining peace of mind.

God Bless you Jeanette, you are my Angel on Earth.

Pearl Wymond, Townsville Qld

Dear Jeanette, I just want to say thank you for your generosity and warmth and wisdom and for opening your wonderful psychic gifts to me. This has given me great peace of mind and helped me make important life-changing decisions in relationships and career that was causing me a lot of angst.

How grateful am I that a friend passed me your contact details with the sentence, “She’ll sort you out!” and that you did. I felt like a warrior when I left you, ready to do battle. You are a great motivator, Jeanette so thank you, thank you thank you.

Anna Woodham, Kallangur Qld

Hello Wise Owl,

Do not really write these sort of things but was impressed enough to want to acknowledge that you helped take a heavy weight off my mind. After seeing you, my wife and I went for coffee and discussed my session with you and for the first time in ages, we felt there was that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. You even managed to make me realise that Covid 19 was actually a blessing in disguise for what we had to do.

With Appreciation