Wendy Robinson

Hello Jeanette, firstly thank you so much for your patience with me. I was extremely distressed myself when I went to see you and even though you had never seen me before, it seemed like you took one look at me and gave me a great big warm hug!!!! I immediately burst into tears and I left like a little girl being given a blanket of love. You patiently waited while I composed myself before you started my reading.

I want to thank you for your “impartiality” and your light teasing that made me laugh and you told me I started to listen to you when my “aura” changed.

I loved your practical advice and your counselling and you really represented the “Wise One” to me as I could see how genuine you are.

My sister who saw you after me, told me she felt like she had a “religious” experience as she had so many “AHA” moments.

Thank you Jeanette.