Shandria P

My Dearest Jeanette,

I have been thinking of you quite a bit and decided to keep you up to date with with your fabulous reading which was so beneficial to me and helped my daughter even though it was my reading. It is always so amazing having a reading with you as you say things I sometimes can’t relate to, and then bingo, it fits into place later! One such incident was re my daughter and your comment about making time for her the next morning as you felt she would really need me. I said I was going to have a busy morning and you said, “Yes, just not the way you think you will be!!!” Needless to say, my daughter needed me all morning.

Your reading also allowed a great healing to take place as you triggered old bad past buried memories which needed to surface so I could move on to the new life I was entering into.

Even though it was past my time with you, you were patient throughout my tearful episodes and help me be aware of my heart space. We talked about the usefulness of clearing “my stuff” and lots of other issues and I have been working on myself since my reading. I am so grateful for your loving support

Have wonderful magic happen to you my dear wise one. I will definitely keep in touch. How could I not!