Roark Schultz – North Qld

I was very lost and hurt after my wife separated from me and was searching for help. I came across Jeanette by chance and called for a reading. Jeanette was so accurate with her reading of me and where I was in my life without even seeing my face. I truly wanted to rekindle my relationship but Jeanette told me straight up that it my wife had moved on. This was difficult for me but since that day Jeanette has helped move forward bit by bit. It has been a journey for me but I’m truly blessed to be able to talk with someone like Jeanette. I have probably been slower than most to turn the corner but with Jeanette’s guidance I am getting there. I’m putting the effort in and also working on my shadow side which Jeanette has been amazing with. With her help I am beginning to find myself again and understand more about where I came from and who I am. Thank you Jeanette:)