Prefer to be Anonymous

My Dear Jeanette, I want you to know that I truly appreciate what you told me this morning (even though you apologised) because it is exactly what I needed to hear. You are teaching me how to have friends, how to treat them and how to BE a friend. I reached out to someone I knew after your reading as I was so emotional, but also wanted to “practice” being a friend, and what a shock for me. I was received so differently and I was even able to confide in this person and left her knowing she is now my friend.

You told me to never forget that we all learn from each other. YOU are my teacher now and it is amazing that in the hour I spent with you, I feel like I have come out of some cocoon as I am thinking differently esp about myself. You have certainly provided me with a new way to think, a better way to look at the world and for that, I want to thank you.

On no account do I want you to have regrets on my behalf, about today. You were honest and truthful and told me directly that I was the one who needed to change, not the rest of the world! I really value your reading today as well as your hand of Friendship.