Marion Bell

“I approached Jeanette approximately 6 years ago after a friend recommended her to me. I have utilised her services regularly since, having had 7 readings with her. I can see why Jeanette is awarded “Queensland Psychic of the Year”, year after year – it’s because she is a gifted psychic. I have found her predictions to be “spot on”.

Often Jeanette has taken the guess work out of my “forks in the road”. She has helped me clarify directions to take in my life which has lead to my life becoming more enriched.

Jeanette advised me that I would “take airplane after airplane for work” and that my “income will be more than doubled”. At the time I wasn’t sure how this would happen, but I kept an open mind. Sure enough, within two years her predictions came to fruition.

I like the way Jeannette has advised me in the sessions of people that had “crossed over” who came to visit me in the session to “say hello”. These include, among others, two friends of the family from my childhood. They had special messages for me – words of encouragement and comfort. She described them in detail and there would have been no way of her knowing these facts.

Jeanette’s expertise has guided me to recognise the depth of my own psychic abilities, gently guiding me and offering suggestions to me on how to develop these. I will always be extremely grateful to Jeanette for the positive change this has made in my life.

I have found my experiences with Jeanette to be very positive, uplifting, and clarifying. Her kind yet honest manner has given me many answers in a safe and nurturing setting. Thank you Jeanette!”