Dear Jeanette,

I would really like to thank you for all your help, advice and answers you have given during the many readings I have had, especially during the time when I had a very manipulative, abusive husband and did not have the courage to leave him as I was in fear of my life and my 3 children. Over time, I implemented much of your advice but what I received the best of, was you giving me the strength and courage to make the decisions so I COULD move ahead.

It took about 2 years but how glad I am that we did it! I say “we” as I felt you in my head helping me with with every step, holding my hand spiritually and just pumping me with that beautiful energy you have. With my family’s help, I moved interstate, got a Protection order in place, went for my divorce and started my new life.

You told me constantly to trust that all will be well, to just expect it and not to be proud to accept help. You said unexpected help would come from unexpected sources if I do that and omg, you were so right as I had help even from total strangers!!! One big thing I have learnt from you is “to trust the Universe.” and another is to keep asking my Guardian Angel for help! You told me that is why we have our very own guardian angels. I think you are my Earth Angel, Jeanette.

I have tel you many times but felt it was time to write a Thank You note!!! If my mum had not given me a reading with you for my Birthday gift, I would never have met you and would still me in the Hell my life was.