Janine K

Jeanette has been my friend now for more than twenty years so it gives me great joy to write from my heart about her. I feel as though i have known her all my life and have often wondered if we knew each other in a past life. I feel like she is my soul sister.

We first met when I started attending her mediation classes in Melbourne. I was a bit green about all things spiritual but thirsty for knowledge. At first began I was doubtful I would be able to sit through one as I am a bit of a fidget, but very quickly I was enjoying the depths of meditation and eagerly looking forward to the next week. I felt so good after each session.

I’ve had to face some big life challenges and whilst the process hasn’t always been pretty for me, it has been life changing and I am a better version of myself because of it and being in Jeanette’s classes. I think they broke the mould when they made Jeanette. She is just one of a kind.

I’ve had a number of readings from Jeanette and rer readings always support me with clarity and accuracy. I turn to her for advice because i know she will give it to me straight, without any sugarcoating, and this is something I value dearly.

My life, my learnings and who I am now is better for having met Jeanette. She is a divine gift and a blessing to those who open their hearts to her.