Helen Carter

Dear Dear Jeanette, thank you so much for your wonderful reading. You certainly are an Earth Angel and I remember your words constantly even when I am not in your presence and you have been in my thoughts so constantly that I wonder how does someone like me attract someone like you! This is huge for me. You not only offer spiritual help but you pointed so many attributes I have that I never considered as advantages, you boosted my self esteem tremendously and made me promise to go after the position at work that I wanted. (I am writing this in so much appreciation as I GOT IT!)

Your strong spiritual beliefs that I would love to have even a fraction of and your strong energy that makes me feel stronger just for being with you. (I ‘almost’ feel like a mini Superwoman since my reading.) I have really taken your reading to heart and implementing ALL of your advice. I am already seeing the big difference it has made in my life. Have started my diet too and started some gentle yoga, at your suggestion.

I send you much love, light and lots of thanks and I will never forget you. You are certainly one very blessed person.