From William Hanks

I am actually a friend / colleague of Jeanette’s husband Bob and on a visit to Australia from Banff in Canada. Whilst confiding in Bob over domestic issues back home, he suggested I have a consultation with Jeanette. At that time, I was unaware that she did Psychic work, and never having been involved with people in that field, I was initially very reluctant (and perhaps even skeptical.) I don’t really know how to describe her field so hopefully she does not get offended when she reads this.

I know for a fact that she did not know anything about my situation as Bob put the proposition to her when she got home, about seeing me and we went immediately to her “Reading Room” where she commented on my situation in the first minute. If I did not know that Bob had not spoken to her, I would have accused him of passing on information to her.

Have no idea how Psychics work, never having known any but I was so shocked that I regret to say I did not say much whilst with Jeanette. She however seemed not to mind and it seemed like we covered my whole life in the time with her. And I have had a long life being 72 years of age now. I have written more here than my conversation with her.

She wanted no thanks for her brilliant work but asked if I could comment on this site and I am happy to do so. Would love to bring her home with me to Banff. That would be throwing the cat among the pigeons as my family and friends would probably think I have gone senile.