From Tracy Glynn

Jeanette was recommended by a friend who was very impressed with the accuracy of Jeanette’s reading. I was a little skeptical as I have never really had a good reading and had pretty much given up on going to Psychics, finding them a waste of time and money.

I was going through a period of significant change in my life however, and have always been open to the spiritual side of our world, so I decided to give it one more go. Jeanette was very accurate about the state of my mind, the journey I had been on, and gave me encouragement for my future. There was also information given to me, including a name, (unusual one) that Jeanette had no way of knowing unless she was genuine and highly skilled in her readings.

I left with no doubt that Jeanette is the real deal. I also like her straight-forward, direct manner. There was no airy-fairy side to her communication. I highly recommend Jeanette to everyone.