From Sapphire Parsons

I’ve known Jeanette for a number of years and during this time she’s always been accurate, supportive and helpful with her advice. The first time I spoke with her, I was having trouble with a manager at work who was bullying me. She was quick to point me in the right direction, and sure enough, as she’d predicted, I moved teams.
She’s given me advice on what jobs to take, seen opportunities arising before they’ve appeared, and given me personal and relationship insights, which, on reflection, I wish I’d had the sense to listen to!
Jeanette’s meditation and self-development classes have given me the confidence to trust my inner wisdom, universal guidance, and lean into the support of my angels and guides.

Over the past year, Jeanette’s classes have helped me immensely in my personal and professional life, giving me the strength and confidence to make big decisions, tackle life changes, and truly appreciate the person she’s helped me become.
I’d definitely recommend Jeannette as a psychic, and over the years, she’s also become a friend and mentor. She’s brilliant, so give a reading a go, and hopefully we’ll see you in class too.