From Robyn Neilsen

Jeanette, I just want to say I do appreciate your friendship and everything you have done for me. You have given me the gift of psychic development which is very important to me, and you have encouraged me to think in a different way about many things. You are probably the person who has helped me the most in my life. I am very glad I found you.

I highly recommend Jeanette as a tarot reader as have had readings with her which have been very helpful to me, at times in my life when I have most needed help and advice. Through her I have come to see the value of meditation in coming to terms with events in my life. Through her I have also been able to do courses in Tarot reading and Numerology, both very interesting and enjoyable subjects. I would have to say to anyone who was considering a visit to a psychic intuitive, that you will not be disappointed if you go to see Jeanette.