From Linda Serret

Hi to those of you considering having the wonderful Jeanette enter your life. I was fortunate enough to have Jeanette come to my home and do readings for friends and family. I had only hoped 6-8 people would arrive on that lovely Saturday Jeanette and I had arranged, and I was overwhelmed and very pleased that 14 readings were done that afternoon. Friends brought friends and their family as the word got around that a psychic was coming to my home. Jeanette read many a card that day and there were some skeptics I have to say, in the crowd, my husband included.

I have never seen women and men go in to a room not knowing what was to occur and some having very mixed feelings about the outcome, and then seeing them transformed, mostly with joy etched over their smiling faces as they emerged from their session. The conversation readily flowed as those that were comfortable shared their experiences to the ones waiting to enter and to those that had already experienced the remarkable effects of Jeanette. Some emerged with clarity about personal issues that needed resolution and became much clearer about their options and where their focus should be.

Conversations included an awakening of passion to study and become more fulfilled with life’s offerings, future partners and even a deceased grandmother! We were all smiling and chatting wildly as renovations, finances, employment futures, romance and connections with passed loved ones were discussed and explored.

Many of the friends that came that day assured me that when Jeanette returns they would enjoy the day of meditation and further spiritual enlightenment that she could offer us. The day was so successful and positive and so appealing to such a wide range of personalities and ages that I will definitely have Jeanette back to weave her magic! I hope this is not too long Jeanette but it is all true! Thanks very much!