From Kristy Newcombe

Jeanette was spot on with everything she said. My dad went to her for a reading about 10 years ago, then my nanna went and then they both recommended that I go too as I had major health problems then. Jeanette commented straight away on my illnesses (I know that my dad and nanna did not tell her anything as I was not into psychics then.) She said I would be better in about 5 years, not cured but much improved. Having been ill for so long, of course I had strong doubts, but she was right!!!!!!

A few years ago, (not long after I saw Jeanette) a trial drug treatment was recommended to me that made me feel much better. Jeanette said I would not be 100% healthy, only about 70% but said I would be happy with that.

During the first few years of my treatment, her reading gave me hope and the will to carry on with the treatment. I saw her several times, mostly to keep up my optimism, and as I got better, I joined her Meditation and Psychic Development courses and absolutely love being in her lovely, loving group. Thank you Jeanette!!!