From Diane Isles-Paten

Jeanette…… I want you to know what a comfort your words were to me through my breast Cancer. What I found truly amazing was you sent the CD to me through my daughter and you had not even had consultation with me!!! You said to her, and I quote: “take this home to your mother and tell her not to worry. This is a hiccup in her life and she will be through when Aquarius is here.”

This was given to me before I had seen the specialist and heard the worst. But your words of hope when all seemed bleak got me through each day. I wrote them out and carried them with me and read them to myself, reaffirming I had to hold faith. Your month by month accuracy was right on the marker. You gave me the greatest thing – hope and the ability to turn fear into hope…. Thank you…. You are certainly blessed.