From Debbie Sangan

Dear Jeanette, I am off to live overseas for a few years and was going to send you an email but decided to write you this letter instead. With all that has happened to me and around me these last few years, I have noticed that I have actually been very lucky as some very beautiful people came into my life, and one of them is you. You were the one I turned to when I wanted emotional and spiritual support and you gave it unconditionally. My life actually changed when I started coming to your weekly groups and got the opportunity to the learning from you that has opened my mind.

Thank you for always being so welcoming, for your wisdom, intuition, and for being so much a part of the changes in my life. I will always remember your words, your humour, your wonderful stories that we can learn from and I will miss them all.

You know, whenever someone I know is blue, I look into my “Jeanette Folder” and select the appropriate advice for them. Thank you for being so special and so caring. You certainly bring light and love into so many lives and don’t even seem to realise how much of a difference you have made in people’s lives and how much we care for you. I will always keep in touch with you.