From Dallas McCoist

I have been to see Jeanette on three occasions. The first time was when she confirmed the truth of my ex who was extremely untrustworthy and gave me the final courage to be rid of him once and for all.

The next time I went to see Jeanette I was in love and she confirmed that I had finally found the one and had mentioned another baby, I thought this must have been someone else as I was 38 years old but Jeanette was right as usual.

The third time I saw Jeanette she once again mentioned the baby and that I would be walking on eggshells, well at this time I was only days away from conceiving for my second child. Jeanette was right about the eggshells as every body certainly tiptoed around this very cranky pregnant lady.

I remember when I came to see you and you said I have found the ONE we both feel like we have hit the Jackpot. You were so right. Thank you Jeanette for your magnificent insights, you have always been right and I would recommend anyone to come and see you.