Cathie Laurence

I have not had a reading with you but just want to comment on how we connected. I was celebrating my birthday and was having a lunch with some friends. My friend whom you came with, had her dates mixed up and although you told her you were quite willing to go out with her another time, I suggested you join us. And this was when this weird and wonderful thing occurred. In conversation with the 2 girls who were there, I mentioned that I was going to buy Louise Hay’s book “You can Heal your Life” as it was recommended to me.

Then lo and behold, you turned up with that book as my birthday gift. We were all extremely impressed and all you said was “The book said, “Pick me, pick me.”

By the way, the book started me on my amazing journey as Louise Hay and you are so inspirational and just chatting with you that day made me want to get up and start doing all kinds of spiritual stuff. I did start meditation classes by the way and have joined a Reiki group. So thanks for the Heads up, Jeanette.