C.S (Name withheld.) Australia

Dear Jeanette, just saw your website and realised I owe you a thank you note. I would really like to thank you for all the help, advice and answers you have given me during the several readings I have had with you some years ago. In case you do not remember me, I was the one having massive problems with a manipulative, abusive husband.
I followed your advice faithfully and I am very happy now. You told me to look at my relationship in a non-judgemental way so I could see it objectively and it was difficult at first but using the techniques you taught me, I realised I was his puppet. You made me emotionally strong enough to make the difficult decisions. You reminded me that I had parents who would drop everything to help me out, and they did. I just did not realise that my now ex-husband caused me to think no one loved me enough to support me. My parents even bought me a house so my children and I had somewhere to stay.

I am ashamed now that I have never thanked you properly even though you played such a huge part in my life. They say angels appear when you least expect them and you were certainly my Angel then. So thank you Jeanette. I wish you all the happiness in the world as you certainly deserve it.
(Btw, I tel Jeanette and she DID remember me and was so pleased I called, bless her heart.)