Recent Adventures of Jeanette Jones

Well here I am, back again in Brisbane and ready to get back into my routine of weekly Psychic Development exercises, consulting with my beloved clients (such a pleasure) and happy to be using the Ajna and Neuro lights to enhance my Third Eye.

It seems like my recent activities made me wonder when I woke up in the mornings, to question where I was.  A girlfriend who tel me on my first day home,, teased me by asking “Do you now where you are?”  Reminded me of the days when I travelled with my husband and we would go through several countries / states and I often had to even look at the hotel ads in our room to see where we were.  I had not done that for awhile so in a way, it was quite exciting.

But nothing like coming home to your own bed and not adjusting your body and energy to Jet Lag.  But I digress.

As I mentioned, started 2018 in Sydney, bonding with my son Clinton and visually seeing the Sydney New Year Fireworks for the 1st time even though I had lived in Sydney for 10 years.  It was magical and such a great experience as there a Full Moon, a glorious windy balmy night, in the closed off section of the Opera House for invitees of the Countdown Concert to 2018.  At that moment, I could not think of anywhere else I wanted to be, and I knew Bob was there too.

Then I went on a 7 night cruise to Cairns with my fabulous soulmate friend Janine, my sister Irene and her partner.  We had a super time at the Gadsby Ball, the All White Party and took part in all kinds of activities on the ship besides having an activity-filled day at Cairns.  Although I have been to Cairns many times, it was no less exciting to visit this lovely city, even though it rained all day when we were there.

With half a day to pack, I left the next day for India with sister Audrey and omigosh, what an assault on all your 6 senses,  the vibrant colours, the aromatic (or not) smells, the contrasts in standards of living, fabulous buildings next to slums and dumps, the beautiful saris, the culture, the food, the music, it was like everything was over the top.  We even loved the fact that we had to share our roads with elephants, camels, donkeys, horses, goats, pigs, dogs and cats.  We saw monkeys up on rooftops and on window sills and Eagles up in the skies. Audrey and I participated in practically everything and saw as much as we could fit in, to see New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Would I go again? Absolutely, but this time to the Southern India.

Then in March, I met up with Janine again to fly to China. And what a contrast to India.  Very modern, active, clean, quite regimented and although I had been to China before, this time the focus was on ancient China.  It gave me goose bumps to visit structures built thousands of years ago, to actually see the Great Wall, and the Forbidden city and other temples, castles etc dating back to 500AD.  And to hear the history of China. Amazing.

Visiting 2 countries recently with a population of more than 1 Billion each is gobsmacking.  In India we noticed the population but it seemed like it was not so noticeable in China.  And it was humbling to see that in India and China, their citizens patronised their “Tourist Attractions” and were proud of what they had.  We did not hear anyone “hating” on their country.