Psychic Tarot Numerology Workshops

Psychic Tarot Numerology Workshops Brisbane with gifted intuitive Jeanette Jones.

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Professional Tarot Reading Workshop

  • Learn to read like a professional as you get familiar with the Major, Minor and Court Cards.
  • Combine the cards with Symbology, Astrology, Numerology, Colours, Health and Planets.
  • Be aware of Tarot Guidelines and Ethics.
  • Understanding the need of protecting your energy and Working with your Guides’
  • Practicing with various Tarot Spreads


Numerology Workshop

  • Using the Pythagorean method which uses Numbers 1 – 9, Master and Karmic Numbers.
  • Knowing the True You through the use of your Birth Date and your name.
  • Be in alignment with your talents, faults, current, future and past energies.
  • Understanding your relationships with other “Numbers.”
  • Calculating the best times for changes, getting married, having babies etc.
  • Changing upcoming obstacles into future opportunities.


One Day “Me Time” Spiritual Day

A Day of immersing yourself in meditation, discussions on Spiritual subjects, intuitive exercises in card readings, jewellery, psychometry, art and the third eye. A day where it is all about YOU.


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    Psychic Tarot Numerology Workshops


    Psychic Tarot Numerology Workshop