Psychic Development Classes “Me Time”

Psychic Development Clairvoyant Brisbane

Psychic Development Clairvoyant Brisbane with Jeanette Jones Tuesday.


“Me Time”

Psychic & Personal Development Classes

Every Tuesday (excluding Public Holidays) from 10am – 1pm

Cost: $25

Are you ready to raise and expand your Consciousness to take your Psychic abilities to the next level of Awareness?

Say YES! as our classes are guaranteed and designed to provide you with the help, guidance, and nurturing space with like-minded souls sharing knowledge, friendship and support as we practice with exercises to help develop our spiritual gifts.

Learn to explore the Spiritual – Emotional – Mental – Physical aspects of ourselves.

Meditation – A MUST for the budding guru as we learn to centre and calm ourselves as well as learn breathing techniques to focus on the “inner you.”

Give yourself the gift  of a precious “Me time” Day where you bond with others spiritually on your journey towards development of your Inner Self.

  • Dialogue with Angels and Guides,
  • Practice reading auras, healing and protection techniques
  •  Learn more about your Chakras
  • Read The Tarot and Oracle cards Intuitively.
  • Develop your Intuition with various exercises like psychometry
  • And journey with us as we meditate to mystical places and learn to relax to gain that feeling of Inner Peace.


Psychic Development Clairvoyant Brisbane


Auras, Chakras & Psychic Protection

  • Understanding your energy centres and tapping into the inner you to reflect your outer consciousness.

  • Developing various methods of psychic protection as you become more spiritually aware and sensitive to negative and low level energies.


Psychic Development Exercises

Get friendly here with the “CLAIRS” as we practice various intuitive psychometric exercises and learn to work with Oracle cards, numerology, astrology, colours, and symbology.



Every week we have a different topic to share and add input and it could cover anything from Shadow sides, Personal and Spiritual responsibility, various ways of enhancing our spirituality. A time to ask “those” Q’s that could sound weird out of context!


You can text Jeanette on +61 419 888 140, or email her at to find out more about her Psychic and Personal Development Workshop. 


Contact Me:

Psychic Development Clairvoyant Brisbane

Jeanette Jones, Albany Creek, Brisbane Australia
Psychic Intuitive Reader
Mobile: 0419 888 140
International / Overseas +61 419 888 140
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