Professional Tarot Reading Workshop 13th May & 20th May 2023

Professional Tarot Workshop 13May23

Professional Tarot Workshop 13May23 and 20th May 2023 in Brisbane with People’s Choice award winner Jeanette Jones.

Want to be part of Tarot Magic?


Professional Tarot Workshop 13May23Professional Tarot Reading Workshop

Ever felt that reading the Tarot is only for the select gifted few?

Want to be one of those select few that can see into the future of others including your own?

Well then this course is definitely for you.  This will be an intense Tarot Workshop geared to help you become either a professional reader, intensify your psychic abilities, get more in touch with your Inner Self, counsel others or just add another skill to your repertoire.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Format of my Tarot Course

  • Tarot Guidelines and the History of Tarot
  • Creating a rapport with your Sitter
  • Ethics of a Tarot Reader
  • Choosing your personal Tarot deck
  • Working with your Angels and Guides
  • Protecting your Energy and Personal Space
  • Practicing with Various Spreads
  • Major Arcana
  • Minor Arcana
  • Court Cards
  • The Suits and Tarot
  • Astrology and Tarot
  • Numerology and Tarot
  • Health and Tarot
  • Colours and Tarot
  • Symbology and Tarot
  • Deck Used: The Rider-Waite



Professional Tarot Reading Workshop

Next Workshop – Over 2 Saturdays

Sat 13th May and Sat 20th May 2023

Where: North Brisbane Venue

Cost: $325

10am to 4.30pm

All Notes Supplied. 

Bring a dish to share for lunch

Bring your own cards – Rider Waite Deck


Professional Tarot Workshop 13May23




Please fill in my Form below, if you are interested in my Professional Tarot Reading Workshop (Brisbane – 13th & 20th May 2023) or if you require more information.




    Tarot Cards

    Tarot card decks consist of 78 cards, 22 in the Major Arcana and 10 in the Minor Arcana (or Suits) and 16 Court cards.


    The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

    These 22 cards are the most important and impactful. They represent situations we all face in life and each card carries specific messages, options, suggestions, ideas and guidance, even offering emotional and spiritual comfort.


    The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

    They usually add the minor itty-bitty details to the Major cards.

    Professional Tarot Workshop 13May23


    These cards are divided into 4 categories

    Pentacles Tarot Card Guidance BrisbanePentacles are Earth signs representing finances or monetary gain, the result of labor, accumulation of knowledge and the development of skills in the physical aspects of life.


    Swords Tarot Card Guidance BrisbaneSwords are Air signs usually representing decisions, communications, perceptions and health. Also associated with problems, delays and emotional blocks. 


    Cups Tarot Card Guidance BrisbaneCups are Water signs connected to love, sensitivity, emotions, family and love. Cups also deal with the spiritual, intuitive and nurturing side of yourself


    Wands Tarot Card Guidance BrisbaneWands are Fire signs and deals with travel, work, activity, creativity, versatility and enterprise. it is also associated with growth, travel, movement and sports. They are busy cards.


    The Court Cards

    These are the Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages

    Although it seems like these cards could be related to actual people, they can also carry the aspects of a personality, the strength and character it represents.  The Court Cards can also show actual events or situations involving people.



    About Jeanette Jones

    Professional Tarot Workshop 13May23I am a Psychic Intuitive and I read Oracle and Tarot cards  with guidance from my wonderful Guide who communicates with your Guardian Angel and guides to get the valuable information and advice we need to help you in your Life’s Journey.


    Contact Me

    Professional Tarot Workshop 13May23Jeanette Jones
    Albany Creek, Brisbane Australia
    Psychic Intuitive Reader
    Mobile: 0419 888 140
    International: +61 419 888 140
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