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Numerology Readings Guidance Brisbane with Jeanette Jones, Tarot and Oracle Cards North Brisbane Queensland Australia.

What is Numerology?

Numerology Readings Guidance BrisbaneFor over 50 years it has been a passion of Jeanette to give Numerology readings. Numerology is the use of numbers derived from your name and date of birth to define your character, talents and faults, pinnacles and challenges in your life.

Her dexterity with interpreting your Numbers is what would be a useful tool for you to forge ahead, make decisions, decide & / or discover what your strengths and weaknesses are, good periods in life and times to lie low. Also help in relationships, investing, moving, career choices and other momentous times in your life.


The Origins of Numerology

Numerology Readings Guidance BrisbaneNumerology is a tool that is used to gain a deeper knowledge of the self and how we relate to others.

It is an age-old practice dating back to Pythagorus and uses numbers from the person’s name and birthdate to interpret a person’s character and how it influences their decisions and behaviour, talents and gifts including faults  from birth. As in most methods of divination, numerology can be used to gain a deeper knowledge of the self, others, and how we relate to the world at large.


What to Expect from a Numerology Reading?

Numerology Readings Guidance BrisbaneNumerology can help you to:

  • Become more aware of the Inner You.
  • Discover why you chose your name and Birth Date.
  • Be in alignment with your Talents.
  • Deal with your faults and insecurities.
  • Understand your relationships with other fellow “numbers” both the challenging and loving ones.
  •  Learn about Master and Karmic numbers.
  • Look forward to upcoming changes and challenges, help overcome obstacles in the future.
  • Understand your actions from the past and how to forgive yourself.
  • Finally, the best times for relationships, investing, starting a family or a new business, travel or Health.

Numerology helps you know your desires, ambitions, frame of mind, your journey and how you can get to your port of call. It can best be described as sign boards for travelling the unknown road as it can help warn you of positive and negative situations of your life.


About Jeanette’s Reading 

Numerology Readings Guidance BrisbaneI am a Psychic Intuitive and during your reading, I intuit into your Name, Birthdate, Zodiac Sign, Your Personality and Life Path numbers, Cornerstones, Pinnacles, and Challenges.

I also look out for Master numbers, Karmic numbers, Missing Numbers and the Arrows of Direction and Lack.

In addition, I read Oracle and Tarot cards  with guidance from my wonderful Guide who communicates with your Guardian Angel and guides to get the valuable information and advice we need to help you in your Life’s Journey.

Every reading that I give is individualized, so that you have the insights most relevant to YOU 


Numerology Readings Guidance BrisbaneNumerology Readings

You can text Jeanette on +61 419 888 140, or email her at to organize date and time of your Brisbane appointment.

Online Readings: You can request an online reading by Telephone, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger.  All online distance readings have to be paid prior to your consultation. Please Click Here to go to my “Bookings” page.

  • One Hour    $200
  • 30 Minutes $100



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