My Intentions for 2018

So, after a hectic, exciting, fun-filled 2017 (a Universal Year one) which coincided with my One Personal Year, I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride as the momentum seems to be stepping up with every passing day. A new sense of enthusiasm has consumed me spiritually (as 2018 is a 11 Universal Year, connecting us humans with divine universal energy leading to heightened intuition) and I have more plans than enough days to fit them all in.

2018 started with a bang, literally, under that beautiful Full Moon on the grounds of Opera House, dancing with my son Clinton and his friends at the ABC Countdown Party, to that magic moment when Sydney’s magnificent Fireworks welcomed in the New Year. I started a weekly Spiritual Development week focusing on Mediumship, then taking breaks to go on a cruise and to India and China.So what are my goals?

I want an action packed year yet experience periods of inactivity so I can appreciate gratitude, create quiet time to explore insightful treasures that will help me evolve spiritually, physically and emotionally.  I want to deepen my Spiritual commitment, and I plan to achieve this by becoming more disciplined, making sure Balance is a priority, resting when my body tells me to, reading more ( a book a month), committing to going with the flow and resisting the urge to make situations and learning complicated.