Jeanette’s Spiritual Journey

Jeanette Jones Spiritual Journey

Jeanette Jones Spiritual Journey, how I became a Psychic Medium Reader.

Jeanette Jones Spiritual JourneyHi, welcome, and thanks for your curiosity!”

Born in Malaysia, raised in Singapore and now proudly Australian, I’ve been a professional psychic intuitive for over 60 years, delivering timely and accurate insights to thousands of clients in Australia and internationally.

From childhood, I was immersed in a variety of cultures, traditions and customs, creating a strong interest in all things metaphysical. These eastern influences and philosophies have shaped many of my personal beliefs and current professional practices.

When I met my husband Bob, we spent the next 20 years travelling the world with our 3 children because of his work. Our move to Aberdeen, Scotland proved a pivotal turning point for me as I went for my first ever Tarot reading, fell in love with those beautiful cards and with the wonderful reader who took me under her wing. Thus sparked my lifelong passion for exploring the spiritual & supernatural.

It was a very exciting time for me as I learnt about spiritual awareness, personal responsibility to myself and clients, connecting with angels and guides, inner power, personal worth and developed a whole new belief system.

In the late-1990’s, my husband and I organised Psychic Expos all around Australia, travelling with our band of psychics and New Age-associated services and products doing what we loved.

Now I do private consults, phone / online readings, workshops on Tarot, Numerology, Aura and Chakra Classes, participate at psychic festivals and private functions and facilitate a weekly Psychic / Personal Development class.

My life has been a constant learning curve – teaching me patience, tolerance, trust and belief – and I am STILL a student, albeit a willing one, as there is so much more than I am eager to know. My journey is never – ending nor do I ever want it to end.

Life has presented me with fantastic opportunities especially through my spiritual journey and my years of consulting with people from all walks of life, have given me the skills I need to guide YOU, my dear Reader, with decision-making and words of advice and encouragement.

Whether you are curious about your future, concerned over the present or unable to release the past, let me be of assistance. Perhaps you want to start or develop your own spiritual journey and need a heads-up. Whatever it might be, I will be glad to help. After all, a consult is all about YOU!!!!

Good luck with YOUR own journey. May you have fun with it, like I have.
With Angel Blessings, Love and Light to you who are reading this.

Jeanette Jones Spiritual Journey

Jeanette Jones Spiritual JourneyJeanette Jones, Psychic Intuitive

Albany Creek, Brisbane Qld Australia


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Jeanette Jones Spiritual Journey