How’s It Going?

Omigosh, I asked for an exciting year and have I started on this Bullet Train into the Future!!!  Spent New Year in Sydney with my beautiful boy Clinton, went on a cruise with bestie Janine Kay, sister Irene and her partner, then off to Northern India to visit the Taj Mahal and other wondrous sites with another sister Audrey.

Came home to reality with some sort of sore throat causing a loss of voice, car needed a mega service as I drove over a rock at 10.30pm, dishwasher was not working and to my horror, my website that was undergoing a supposedly short “construction” period since October 2017, was STILL pending in March 2018.

Well, my Taurean side kicked into gear, off to doctors and took enough ginger and lemon to start an orchard, about 3 bottles of honey (was worrying about weight gain even as I gulped it down)  applied copious amounts of Doterra essentials oils on the advice of all my oily pals but boy, it was hard work.  Wheezed and coughed through several nights but hey, voice is back, albeit a bit croaky, even sexy / sultry I was told.  Car got fixed up yesterday for a tidy sum (in spite of insurance) new dishwasher coming tomorrow and a great friend hooking it up for me and taking the beloved old one away.

And oh the saga of my website!!!  Affected my Throat chakra as I actually felt like talking to this IT woman in capital letters!  I have never met someone who had so many excuses as to why my computer was not up and online!!!  Then, as often happens, another angel dropped into my life.  Funny that, I ALWAYS have one appear when I am in need, Lien rescued me with her wonderful IT skills, got my website online, tidied it up, gave me precise lessons on how to work behind the scenes and was / is so generous with her time. In not much time at all in spite of her working full time and in the midst of moving to her new home, she still found time to help me. God Bless her beautiful heart.

People often comment on how “lucky” I am.  So if attracting all sorts of earth angels is lucky, then yes, I am.  Also acknowledging that the distractions come to make me see how good my life really is.  And my faith in my Angels and Guides just grows in leaps and bounds and they never let me down.

Affirmation:  Everyday, in every way, my Life just gets better and better.  And so it is!