Everyday Like the One Before?

Everyday like the One Before? Do you sometimes feel like you are on a merry-go-round, life a series of the same scenery, the same scenario repeated daily, each day seemingly like the day before with no relief tomorrow, as far as you know?

Everyday Like the One Before?Instead of acceptance and believing there is no relief, why not pause a few moments everyday and create some small act that will make you feel at least that something that day made you just a little excited, caused you to laugh in real joy, reflect on a sweet memory, engaged in a conversation that is meaningful to you, really appreciate the weather for what it is, just sit and listen to a few minutes of music or even bop along to a song, really enjoy that cuppa and give yourself even 5 minutes a day of “Me time.”

How about giving yourself permission to do the above. Why? Because a lot of people feel guilty about giving themselves time out. So we quickly revert to the same-old, same old!

Why do we find it so hard to get out of a rut? Because these decisions make us feel selfish (as we are thinking of ourselves for goodness sake) because change presents new attitudes, perspectives or leaving the “Devil we know” or the “Devil we don’t know.”

It requires changing aspects of ourselves and releasing habits and memories of the past as they represent who we “WERE” It means looking deep into who we are now and not wanting to acknowledge what we see. So it is easier to stay where we are.

So how do we break this vicious cycle?

1. Create a belief system that you CAN change.

2. Own up to what is holding you back. Be truthful, without blaming others for your decisions.

3. Remind yourself that change is inevitable so “this too will pass”as life must go on.

4. Now make a commitment to start NOW, even if using just baby steps. (see suggestions above)

5. Talk to yourself when you encounter a hint of resistance or start feeling insecure. Tell yourself that Yes, you can!

6. Acknowledge that you are moving out of your comfort zone.

7. Learn to trust your instincts.

8. Keep reminding yourself that you are using baby steps.

9. Pat yourself on the back even if it is just one step per day.

10. Just start!