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Jeanette Jones Psychic Intuitive Reader

Contact Me: Please fill in the form below, if you would like to book a Psychic Intuitive or Numerology Reading or request a One Question Reading.


Online Readings: You can request an online reading by Mobile, Telephone, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger.  All online distance readings have to be paid prior to your consultation.

If you see me personally, your payment can be made at the time of your consultation. 


My Services:

  • book a Psychic or Numerology Reading 
  • request a One Question Reading
  • join the “Me Time” Psychic Day”
  • Ask about Courses or Workshops


Contact Me Jeanette Jones

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  • Psychic Intuitive Reading    One Hour     $200
  • Psychic Intuitive Reading    30 Minutes   $100
  • Numerology Readings          One Hour     $200
  • Numerology Readings          30 Minutes   $100
  • One Question Readings                            $ 25




Contact Me Form:

Please fill in my Form below if you are interested in making a booking or if you require more information.





    Psychic Intuitive Readings

    Psychic Intuitive Reader BrisbaneI am a Psychic Intuitive so I tune into your energies and your aura and using Numerology, I also get information from your Birth date so I can see where your talents, gifts, challenges and blocks are.

    Oracle and Tarot cards may also be used with guidance from my wonderful Guide who communicates with your Guardian Angel and guides to get the valuable information and advice we need to help you in your Life’s Journey. Every reading that I give is individualized, so that you have the insights most relevant to YOU.

    Payment: If you see me personally, your payment can be made at the time of consultation. Otherwise payment has to be made prior to your online appointment.

    • One Hour     $200
    • 30 Minutes  $100



    One Question Reading

    Contact Me Jeanette Jones

    To receive a “One Question Reading”, please fill in my “Bookings” form by Clicking Here to send your detailed one question, with your date of birth.

    If your Question involves another person, please let me know what the connection is and make sure to include their date of birth too. 

    One Question Reading:  $25

    Once you have paid and asked your question, I, Jeanette will email your answer within 24 to 72 hours.  If for whatever reason you do not get a reply, it might be that I have missed your email or am away, please email me again or call me on (Aus) 0419 888 140 or (Int) + 61 419 888 140. 



    “Me Time” Psychic & Personal Development Classes

    Contact Me Jeanette JonesGive yourself the gift  of a precious “Me time” Day where you bond with others spiritually on your journey towards development of your Inner Self as you dialogue with Angels and Guides, read auras, learn more about Chakras, psychometry, healing practices and protection techniques. Learn how to read The Tarot and Oracle cards Intuitively. Develop your Intuition with various exercises and journey with us as we meditate to mystical places and learn to relax to gain that feeling of Inner Peace.

    Every Tuesday (excluding Public Holidays) from 10am – 1pm

    3 Hours $25



    Numerology Readings

    Contact Me Jeanette JonesUsing yours or someone else’s Name and Date of Birth, have a verbal interpretation  of  how and why you are what you are.  Your Soul has chosen your Birth Date with all its special qualities and eccentricities, your positive traits and challenges. Learn important dates in your life in regards to relationships, finances, investing, travel & changing jobs etc.

    • One Hour     $200
    • 30 Minutes   $100




    Ajna Lights & Neuro Lights

    Contact Me Jeanette Jones Light Flicker frequencies entrain brainwaves, bringing you into a relaxed and meditative state. If you are stressed or have a busy mind, you will automatically be brought into a state of calmness as your brain enters into the deepest meditative state.  Your Pineal gland (or 3rd Eye) is activated so great spiritual insights can be gained, all while your body relaxes.

    Tests have shown that everyone has different experiences and each session is different, but the user, when open and receptive, was able to go into a soul retrieval journey, to connect with guides, elementals and other consciousnesses.   Many have experienced meeting loved ones who have crossed over.

    The 5 Brain Waves used, from lowest to highest frequency is Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

    • 60 Minutes           $50
    • 40 Minutes           $40
    • 30 Minutes           $30



    Contact Me

    Psychic Intuitive Reader BrisbaneJeanette Jones, Albany Creek, Brisbane Australia
    Psychic Intuitive Reader
    Mobile: 0419 888 140
    International / Overseas +61 419 888 140
    Email Me:




    Contact Me Jeanette Jones


    Contact Me Jeanette Jones

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