Boy’s Last Wish

This Boy’s Last Wish Is Humbling, but What His Doctors Did In His Memory Will Have You In Tears!

The little body being rolled away on the gurney belongs to an 11-year-old hero from China… Liang Yaoyi.

Liang died just days ago from his battle with a brain tumor. He wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.

But he didn’t let his life being cut short stop him from saving lives. Liang was so selfless, that this was his final wish… He told his parents that if he didn’t survive, he wanted to donate his organs so that others could live.

He told them, “There are many people doing great things in the world. They are great, and I want to be a great kid too.”

While Liang’s lifeless body was being rolled into the surgery room to remove his organs, doctors lined up and bowed to show their honour for such a heroic soul.

This moment will leave you speechless.

Liang was more than great – he was truly remarkable.

As you probably guessed I eventually broke down and came up with an excuse to ask him a question. When he raised his head and turned his eyes towards me I could see that he must have been really upset as he had red eyes and still had some tears rolling down the side of his face despite his feeble attempt to wipe them away. I can’t describe the sadness I felt seeing someone in so much pain.

We talked for about 20 minutes and in the end he seemed to be doing better. As we were leaving the train he thanked me profusely for being an angel by taking the time to talk. I never did find out what was making his heart so heavy with pain but was glad I listened to the “voice” that day.

Several weeks had passed when I noticed an envelope on my desk after returning from lunch. It was not addressed to anyone and only had the word “Angel” written on it. My receptionist attached a note saying a gentleman dropped it off saying he did not know my name but had described me well enough that the receptionist knew it was for me.

When I read the note inside the envelope I was so filled with emotions that I couldn’t contain myself. It was a letter from the man I met on the train thanking me again for talking to him and saving his life that day. Apparently he had some very hurtful personal problems that were so overwhelming he was planning to take his life that day.

In his letter he went on to explain that he was a religious person and in desperation had screamed out to God that if god really cared about him he would send someone to prevent him from taking his life.

In his eyes I was that someone, that Angel sent by God