A reminder for 2018

2018 – the numbers when added up, is 11 (2 + 0 + 1 + 8) which then reduces to 2.(1 + 1)  Therefore the global or universal energies for this year will be all about the 2 (TWO) and its higher vibrational quality of the Master Number 11.

TWO is all about kindness, tact, equalization, co-operation, partnerships, duality and balance both in harmony and disharmony. It deals with our relationships with others, asks us to consider our communication skills and associate more with like-minded people to avoid conflict.  It encourages healing of the outer and inner self and reflects the quiet power of needing to plan.

Two asks us to choose wisely by weighing up both conflicting options, to balance logic and ego with your inner knowing of what you really really want in life.  Avoid Impulsiveness unless it be for fun options.

Two is ruled by the Moon so it is a good idea to notice the movements of the Moon especially the New and Full Moons.

The Master Number 11  however combines the powerful Male energy of the double 1 so it is ruled by the masculine Sun (Light Day) but the 2 makes it share its energy with the feminine Moon (Dark / Night).  The 11 encourages the highest of connections to the spiritual realms and connects the link between our conscious mind to the ultimate super-conscious. It brings spiritual insight, increased sensitivity to all that is occurring around us but also encourages empathy and insight.

2018 therefore  can be the year for dealings with very opposite energies, between ignorance and enlightenment and this sign could see 11 manifesting its enormous power (spiritually, mentally and physically) in events around the world and in our own lives, as the two ONES in the 11 seek to overpower the other.

So when or if you feel divided this year, unable to make decisions, pressured by opposing forces, being reactive or defensive, stagnant at the fork in the road, feeling bullied or victimised, practice using the qualities of the 2.

Good Luck in 2018