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101 Ways Part 2

51. Get a clear picture in your mind of something that you would like to see happen in your life – a job opportunity, a new love, quitting an addictive behaviour or whatever, keep your inner focus on this picture and extend love outwardly with this picture in mind. The results will be worth the effort.

52. Be aware of your thoughts and remind yourself that the simple act of thinking is evidence that there is an invisible energy that flows through you at all times.

53. Have conversations with God in private and important moments. During these conversations, instead of asking of special favours, affirm your willingness to use your inner strength to create solutions.

54. Develop your inner faith. The kind of faith I am describing does not need a religious service or a holy book. It comes from having the direct, inner experience of God as a part of your higher self.

55. Let go of any repetitious inner dialogue about the horrors and tragedies of the world. Know that everything that happens is perfect, even the parts that you dislike. All of your opinions about how things should take place are nothing more than notions you have of how God should be orchestrating this play.

56. Consider the possibility of totality eradicating your personal history from your consciousness and simply living completely in the present moment. You will find a new freedoms as you realise that you aren’t relying on the way things you aren’t relying on the way things used to be to define your life today.

57. Slow yourself down with moments of contemplative silence. That is, do nothing. In these moments, appreciate your body and all of your physical universe. Notice the inner waves of pleasure that you experience.

58. Know that you are a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul. Remember that your soul cannot be measured or observed with the tools that you use to view the material world.

59. Release the idea that a failed relationship makes you a failure. There are no failed relationships. Every person who enters and exits your life does so in a mutual sharing of Life’s Divine lessons.

60. Know that you are an eternally and purposeful being. Be secure and serene with no need for compliments that you are in any way more special or distinct from others. We are all children of God, no favourites, no outcasts, All One.