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Psychic Intuitive Tarot Brisbane People’s Choice Award Winning Spiritual Advisor.



Psychic Intuitive Tarot Brisbane

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Are you needing some Spiritual Guidance and Direction?

What has attracted you to my page? What are you searching for? You have definitely come here for a reason, so take a moment now to ask why you are reading this.

Are you feeling frustrated, stuck, confused, considering major changes and/or decisions in your life, love, relationships, career, business, finances, buying a home, starting a family? Or perhaps you just need a sympathetic ear for clarity in your daily affairs, solutions for your issues, a different way at looking at whatever is going on in your life that has persuaded you to come to see me.

Well you have come to the right place. Allow Jeanette to help you achieve peace of mind. She is a great listener and quick to intuit into the reason why you have come to see her. For reassurance, read the Testimonials Page so you see for yourself what her grateful clients have to say about her. 



Why Consult with Me? 

I am a Psychic Intuitive so I tune into your energies and your aura and using Numerology, I also get information from your Birth date so I can see where your talents, gifts, faults and blocks are. Oracle and Tarot cards are also used with guidance from my wonderful Guide who communicates with your Guardian Angel and guides to get the valuable information and advice we need to help you in your Life’s Journey. Every reading that I give is individualized, so that you have the insights most relevant to YOU.



60+ Years of Experience

Psychic Intuitive Tarot BrisbaneHaving more than 60+ years of experience in the Psychic and Spiritual world has enabled me to literally assist 1,000’s of special people with their needs and concerns, both locally and internationally. I am extremely confident that I can be of assistance to you.



Online Readings

Would you like to receive a psychic reading from me?  You can see me personally or we can do an online reading via Mobile Phone, Telephone, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger. 

For appointments, please call or text me on 0419 888 140.  You can also email me at angelblessings888@bigpond.com


Psychic Intuitive Tarot Brisbane


Psychic Intuitive Tarot Brisbane

Contact Me

Psychic Intuitive Tarot BrisbaneJeanette Jones, Albany Creek, Brisbane Australia
Psychic Intuitive Reader
Mobile: 0419 888 140
International / Overseas +61 419 888 140
Email Me: angelblessings888@bigpond.com



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Psychic Intuitive Tarot Brisbane

Psychic Intuitive Tarot Brisbane